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Here's our top story. Dr. Kelli ward is now the head of the Republican party after ousting former GOP chair Jonathan lines over the weekend valley, political experts stand Barnes says ward is certainly qualified for the job. And it's a win for conservatives. Kelly wards ascension as chairman of the party is proof that the party in Arizona is with Trump is allying with Trump the Republican party suffered major losses in two thousand eighteen races including Kirsten cinema becoming the first democrat to be elected to the Senate from Arizona since nineteen eighty eight. And there was on a Republican says he's not too optimistic about lawmakers striking a deal on border wall funding by February fifteenth. Congressman Andy Biggs tells there is on his morning news that both sides are to blame for the gridlock. We should have got something done on a border wall. Over the last two years, we didn't and. I think the president's advisers were telling him, I think everybody was saying, look, you know, we really need to do this through congress. If at all possible bigs also says there's a statute that allows the president to declare that the southern border is an active drug trafficking corridor. Giving him access to billions for a wall without him declaring a national emergency. Well, starting today with or without a shutdown Washington and Zona stand ready to collect your twenty eighteen income tax returns. If you're nervous about tax refund delays last filing season an filed refund was returned to the taxpayer in approximately eight days refunds for paper. Returns took Twenty-one. Arizona department of revenue's Ed Greenberg tells us to designate them.

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