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Of volatile trading stocks finished mostly lower the downed industrial shedding 166 points and the S&P 500 easing ten The NASDAQ though rose After the close computer maker HP posted quarterly results that handily beat analyst expectations and adjusted per share profit of a dollar ten on revenue of $17 billion or 9% above the year ago level sales of personal systems primarily PCs and laptops jumped 15% from a year ago According to their websites the port of Seattle and Delta Air Lines are on target to open an upgraded hub at sea tac this spring The highlight being a 450,000 ft² international arrivals facility that will feature several new amenities designed to improve the customer experience That's your money now I'm Jim chesko northwest news radio The Biden administration plans to speed up the return of federal workers to the office the expected move will aim to show the country that in person work can be safe two newly released studies say the COVID pandemic started in a live market in Wuhan China researchers say the virus was in live mammals and likely infected workers or those who shopped there the studies found no support for the theory that the virus came from a Wuhan lab despite the findings they have not appeared in a scientific journal New research shows that health problems in adolescence may be linked to faster aging The study published in the journal jama pediatrics shows that those who were obese smoked or had a psychological disorder may age three months faster every year than their peers but asthma was not a factor Health updates Sarah Lee Kessler and BC news radio New study finds one in 7 cases of breast cancer in the U.S. may be overdiagnosed ABC's Daria albinger has details A mouth based model says as breast cancer screenings become more advanced they may also be more likely to result in false positive results and that could lead to unnecessary treatments including chemotherapy radiation and invasive surgery not to mention stress The breast cancer surveillance consortium says nearly 36,000 racially ethnically and geographically diverse women took part in the study the American medical association still says women over the age of 50 should receive a screening mammogram a minimum of every two years ABC News Northwest news radio traffic from the dubin law group traffic center Still wants to get crushed in the auburn area Well actually it's in Federal Way southbound on military road south at south two 88 street that's partially blocking A new crash in Kent on northbound one 67 at Kent Des Moines road is blocking the two left legs of HOV lane and the left general purpose lane to watch for a crash reported in fife southbound 5 near Porter away its blocking the left lane as well as the two center lines of all three of the left lanes are blocked You'll want to move over to the right to get by Our next northwest traffic at 9 O four The northwest news radio forecast from the 1530 mortgage dot com weather center Rain tonight lows in the upper 40s tomorrow rain likely highs mid 50s Wednesday rain likely in the morning when rain at times in the afternoon mid 50s Thursday mostly cloudy a chance of rain highs near 50 Friday through Sunday mostly cloudy just a chance of showers highs in the upper 40s Monday partly sunny slight chance of rain showers upper 40s overnight lows in the 40s and cooler this weekend into the upper 30s And that's the latest weather from the northwest news radio forecast team now your northwest news radio consumer tip here's herb Weiss mom In the market for a new car most car buyers are now paying above sticker price In fact 82% of sales in January were more.

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