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You accommodate whatever we can absolutely comedy we also have you know lactate melcan lactose free ice cream and we also have to remember this age sometimes um the residence even if they are they know their diabetic or they know that they have an issue and sometimes they just really want that i work from desert in it's their right to have it but we try to have you you know a healthy alternative you know so we can maintain their daily rate or if someone wants to come in half a tour with you and they know that particularly if you say you heard it on the show they get cherry pothole higher sherry pop over for the brigitte cherry hill correct r rights all right so june let's give out your number the number of the bridge cherry hill his area code 401 two three three two eight eight zero and the website is cherry hill bridge dot com okay in doubt we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we are taking your calls fortune burns i she's the sales director at the british cherry hill assisted living in their at one cherry hill road in johnston and this subprogramme this afternoon this half hours brought to you by the brigitte cherry hill in any questions you have you may be thinking about going to an assisted living yourself a residing their downsizing you may have appearance a relative a friend that you you know really needs to take the next step in terms of a different kind of lifestyle where there are supported by a group as well as the whole lifestyles and taken care of his you've said jan like resort he so again called june four zero one two three three.

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