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This election in a twenty twenty two the question. The american people are going to be asking is whether or not we're helping them and their families biden added that democrats need to show. They're delivering for people so far much of the president's agenda remains in limbo in congress us with npr news new leader of the us capitol. Police is vowing to help usher in a new chapter for the agency following the january six attack. Npr's cloudy saleh's talked to the new chief on his first day on the job. Tom manger ran two of the biggest police departments in the dc metropolitan area in a career that spanned more than forty years in two thousand nineteen. He retired as police. Chief in montgomery county maryland thinking. He was done with policing but changed his mind on january. Six of this year. It was the first time since. I'd been retired that i wished that i was not retired. He says he wants the public to know. What capitol police are capable new hands. These men and women are dedicated professionals who frankly demonstrated amazing courage on january. Six major said the weaknesses of that day should not define the agency's officers in his new mission is to boost security for lawmakers and morale and resources for officers cloudy this npr news. Washington committee charged with investigating the january. Sixth attack is due to hold. Its first hearing next week house speaker. Nancy pelosi says a panel will do its job with or without republican participation house. Republicans are threatening a boycott with minority leader. Kevin mccarthy saying republicans could face consequences if they participate after pelosi rejected to the five republicans. He attempted to point miami dade county mayor. Danielle levin kava is thanking first responders and other rescue crews who have now ended the search the rubble of that surf side florida condo. That collapsed nearly a month ago shown. The world's superheroes look like mayor speaking there at a ceremony that brought the search to an end at least ninety seven people died in the collapse. One remains unaccounted for. And you're listening to npr news cleveland's major league. Baseball team is rebranding for the first time since nineteen fifteen the team will be known as the cleveland guardians after the twenty twenty one season as a team moves on from being known as the indians from member station k. jay z. Von jones has more. Amanda black horses and navajo activists who has worked toward the removal of native americans. As sports mascots. She says the name changes victory for indigenous people in cleveland but that victory took a long fight. Elder passed the. They're never going to see this happen. And they've committed a lot of time and effort to this and and some people will never see that you know. That's how old this issue is. Black were says the nfl's kansas city chiefs in baseball's atlanta braves should see cleveland's changes a call to action and follow suit. The team says fans community leaders in front office personnel were consulted on the name change for npr news. I'm von jones. In phoenix took you olympics or taking place amid tight restrictions. Because of the pandemic organizers say infections among athletes and other people linked to the games has climbed one hundred twenty seven. He humidity also becoming an issue. The heat index in tokyo made a feel like one hundred degrees today. There have been protests in australia. Against corona virus lockdown measures demonstrators. Were on the streets in melbourne and brisbane. Today thousands marched in sydney than there were clashes with police there. Australia's largely kept the pandemic under control but officials in new south wales. Australia's most populous state are reporting a new record for infections for a third straight day. I'm trial snyder. npr news..

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