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Because that was saying dennis lyria larry's the main care a good said why would he be movie danny glover dickey's too all right starting with you mark you've needed name you've got to try to name a movie that's in this person's top three at the box office for all time according to box office modem after being adjusted for inflation and we're here in the state capital of california as such as felt appropriate and i hope i pronounced this crap old was it magyar it's okay because of the name for more than schwarzenegger the fourth way to thursday but mark watson is tough three thing terminator two judgment tight okay uh analysts the his own hovering is exerting all the way through top top four movies right off grossing alltime marie top three topthree she it man i don't talk the emmett i wanted to say a movie that hard schwarzenegger's in any movie as aiding we say one uh pick one that commando schwarzenegger's in our met another predator okay present two days i'll give you one last he's a commando army commando okay is going back to commando for you and me which uh you know i don't know if you want to hear that from your boyfriend but he's going back to commando we will be great lack of worked and withdraw resolve oh you don't know easier access no underwear all right here we need easier access like these issues getting to it.

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