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Fifty six to play after a hot start for south after a hot start for Bama was looking now four sixteen without a bucket. They've missed one made one of their last night. I should say back the car because this is a guy, obviously, he reclassified to come play for a little general here and Avery Johnson. Twenty four percent of the scoring last year was accounted for by Collins sex. This guy was able to do each and everything they wanted to the free throw line. Nearly ten percent of the points million tired through the season was sex and getting to the free throw line for a guy Lewis junior right now he's still leaving his way to figure out what offenses style his coach. You want? He's still young. But he may still set the ability to get to the rim on that. Last play was to see leads the tighted scoring and assists and three point percentage. Forty percent is a seventeen year old eighty two percent from the line. He has been beyond. Impressive feeling. The large shoes of. Cavalier. Collins Sexton Kentucky basketball coming out of the time. Now, we're under eight minutes to play opening half. The Chucky by five bounce from hero down into the low block Travis immediately doubled deemed good skip pass on the left corner. Kelvin Johnson now baseline law booked shot attempt by e j Montgomery for Kentucky. No good and eight room, grabs the rebound for the time really identified. Well, when you said skip opposite. It was an immediate seal inside this that that's a plate his skillset can may. He didn't make it Ingram. Lewis left corner. Twelve to shoot for Bama puts it on the deck loses it on the crossover picked up by Dante hall, whistle. And a foul was called bailing out. Alabama was read Travis there. That's his first. And oftentimes when your best Los consistent offensive player, a guy like hall is the big fella. He is. So. On a recipient level of who can get into basketball. He's made some touches here. Some baseline screen Samba's offense has gone cold. After the torrid start old by Jones show and go to the left point scoop lay up your Bama within three as we crossed the seven minute. Mark here. Opening half twenty seven twenty four Kentucky. Right. Tight fans around his Cavs over to Celtic Johnson long deuces good 20-footer left point twenty nine twenty four Kentucky when you go to cross screen similar to a flex action. But then received Dowd screen for Johnson. That was an over helped by MAC produced an open one whistle and the ball is out of bounds. Last touch. They're going to say by Kevin Matt great defensive play by Kelly Johnson pounding on a Bremmer poking at free apparently last off MAC so Trey over for the tide to Turkey basketball leading by five six thirty three to play in the first man Chuck Jones, the official right on top of it. He was actually standing out of bounds. The ball hit him in the foot obligated to call it immediacy there. But it was great hands of the deflect early. Xiao's and Brian is partners stripes tonight Kentucky basketball, leading by five heroes who has been quiet older to Hagan traveled as he tried to attempt. The pull up jumper at the free throw line. That's the third time. This young Kentucky team has been cold for a traveling violation laws. We say young but not as young as the normally are great Ken palm statistic. Twenty-five percent minutes continuity from last year. Last year. They had just eleven percent minutes dot nudie from the year before. So it's an experienced relatively coach Cal team as Dante hall nineteen footer right? Elbow won't go Kentucky along rebound up. The right side line is hagan's set up the big blue offense. On the left side of the lane with you. Right. Push shot. It is short long board gathered by Jones up the left side line. Travis's doubt. Crams it Donka the right for Dante tied within three. And is that a timeout? Take it by coach Cal..

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