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Every 2.6 jobs created only one housing unit was built in 92% of them was a luxury housing unit. The limit extension would add roughly $130 a year to the average tax bill and voters will likely have the final say on the November ballot. John libertini, northwest news radio. State lawmakers have passed a bill, they hope will prevent harassment and bullying of LGBTQ students, Democrats supported the measure Republicans opposed it. In our no vote is not in any way that we support harassment or bullying. I think harassment and bullying prevention is very important. Instead says senator Brad Hawkins, they took issue with state requirements for points of contact and compliance. The measure which requires anti harassment language to be put in student handbooks passed on a largely party line vote and now heads to the governor's desk A Washington state man has pleaded guilty in connection with the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. capitol. As part of an agreement with federal prosecutors 64 year old Jeffrey grace of battleground pleaded guilty to entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds, according to KGW TV, three other charges were dropped in exchange. He could face up to 6 months in prison when he is sentenced in August. Grace's son, Jeremy, also took part in the riot and has pleaded guilty to the same charge. He was given 21 days in prison and supervised release, prosecutors used to photographic evidence in the case, including multiple selfies the two of them took while committing the crime. Jeff pojo in northwest news radio. A former sheriff and police chief says his first turn at jury duty gave him a fresh and optimistic perspective, he talked with northwest news radio's Ryan Harris. Cops often have to Don the uniform to take the witness stand, but because of their jobs, they're usually sent home from jury duty. That's how former King County sheriff Steve strand now director of the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs thought it would go for him instead strand says he not only made it to the final 50 prospective jurors in a case of assault on a law enforcement officer, but he says he was part of a thoughtful and sophisticated conversation where they were asked how they felt about officers. The scrutiny they are under, or whether they'd find them credible on the witness stand. I saw nobody saying cops are always right. I saw nobody saying cops are always wrong. They had a nuanced and balanced approach and they said, law enforcement's given amazing responsibility, which comes with an expectation of accountability and it was just a very good conversation from all these different perspectives. Strand says it not only makes him feel good about the justice system, but about people who vote and who participate in society. Ryan Harris, northwest news radio. Plans appear to be moving fast to relocate and orca stolen from the waters of the puget sound more than 50 years ago. The billionaire owner of football's Indianapolis Colts says he'll pay whatever it takes to bring Tokyo Tai back to the Pacific Northwest. She is roughly 57 years old. She was captured in the Pacific Northwest in 1970 when there were a large number of captures. Charles vinick from the whale sanctuary project is working with veterinarians and coordinating the move. Although she still has a chronic infection, she is stable enough that they think such a move would be better for her health than where she is. For the past 50 years she was called Lolita at the Miami seaquarium, the move could happen sometime in the next year. Time to check in with

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