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And wish you woke up you had a dream that you had a a mysterious building in your backyard right on the roof of that building was several dried up dead alligator that's right they weren't not a taxidermy thing though they crawled up there they had died and they dried out and then i realized i had to squadron that building hood compassion for what is going on in my head right now which is really odd very odd come all right here's the thing so i think that the alligators represent some long term conflict comedy aggressive conflict that you've had with somebody or something yeah That would be. That would know. could be duck face next he could be fifteen year old girl i don't know some standing could be with somebody that's making too much kale downstairs i don't know the abandoned building is that you have finally let go of that conflict and abandoned but the but those alligators have been eating at two for a while now and the squatter is actually you you go that but but you you still go back there and so the reason you're compassionate to the squatter is because you're letting yourself no that it's okay to let that go that's why you're compassionate towards yourself out the squatter didn't really have a if you had to describe the face the squatter at now you probably couldn't say exactly what he looked like that Correct. of course again this is going you reading his mind jonathan this is a man i had no idea we had a professional dream weaver here so having compassion for the squatter yep is having compassion for me that's good point right be your best self on this friday just be your best it's okay he better tokay compassion for that little squatter in may be better be better down there you go that little squatter god donna got him a little squatter then you know i i if i think he said i don't remember who the squatter looked like but as i recall look like ben clements really add son the the real yes yeah the squatter looked like bent now what the hell is that yeah the squatter was ben clements bid kemba he may be looking for a place to live i don't know maybe all right so real quick before the top of the hour with through three questions out there this came up because don during commercial break was telling me his new favorite place to go get fried chicken it's not even my new favorite before you rebuilding three questions on here where do you go to get good fried chicken your favorite place to go this weekend for a cocktail with your friends and what are your plans this weekend do you have a specially vet you're going to that you want to promote we'd love to help you there let's do a stew jeff real quick jeff in south austin good morning hey jeff good morning guys thank you all right first thing is gus is fried chicken fast in town fight you i i'm big big big big big fan of gus fan of gus where do you go for the cocktails man i tell you i'm south east so we like little darling down circle s. and south congress willing dannon area right there can't be grading can't go wrong that's a good man yeah Outdoor funky music on the five dog friendly kind of, you know, only joint Scott. She got it all you got to take your damn dog dismissed friend. You know, like adults for your dog we talk we put our fifteen year old down two weeks ago. No five. We don't have kids either. So they'll man. well i'm sorry thinking about you that's tom but also events this weekend i think my life's got sunday off so we might have down the casino el camino for burger there you go people watch little drink you know something like that i have yet to have that burger and i hear it's really good casino camino but nothing like daydream can man i love it man got sixty and after dark our pretty dangerous i got you jeff thank you appreciate the good good good call with gushes enhanced you wanna reveal because we talked in a commercial break early this morning you're your new favorite place to go get chicken fried chicken well i gotta say i'll although i would put gus is a close second to what i'm what i have my my favorite fried chicken in austin texas is from randall's excuse me six randall's grocery store formerly tom thumb formally rylander is ridiculous no it is not ridiculous it is an another a lot of people out there that have had it as well randall's fried chicken paper bag yes and you get we got four pieces to breasts and two wings for like three dollars and fifty cents we're talking about where we're at i'm not sure now where at lucy's for example which is I highly highly overrated would have cost you about ten bucks. more we're gonna he's up there in cedar park layover rated i keep giving them a second chance yeah and and there's some the the deviled eggs are good the fried deviled eggs those those are really good who goes honey let's go get a deviled egg dough what lead kids who's up for deviled egg on the appetizer is good but i i agree with you on their chicken it's kind of Good. It's good. and to be honest with you the service it's kind of mediocre at best at best the guy at the table last time it lucy's he was just hovering way too much was he really just way to say how's your day going so far in a weird to say how's your day going so far from done he's a shut up get away from my tell exactly how mondays tell him if i've had a colonoscopy i would tell them billy is checking in from red rock ES. I haven't had really good fried chicken since Myers in Morella shut down. Oh, yeah. The best place to get cocktails, the red rock steakhouse in the saloon. It's we're ongoing Saturday for dinner. tell us where the the red rock steakhouse in downtown red rock texas i never been that is there's red rock texas can go east donate twelve and just keep going you will miss it you'll run right into red rock red rock text i've never heard of red rock texan i thought maybe this is just a few minutes from you never heard of it red rock in the red rock steakhouse steakhouse all right all right Tip that little Jim. Plans this weekend. Billy. he's gone he just cut lows i think he just wanted to promote his head i think he wanted to promote i just wanted to promote his restaurant called the red rock see that's the that's the problem choose to talk food on his show then you have the owners of the restaurant go hey have you ever heard of the restaurant i don't care that's fine if you're an owner a waiter come on in what's it called red rock texas ricky isn't so good morning ricky go ahead Rickie. Well, listen. I do we would Don prior. They have good Thai chicken, mashed potatoes are good too. I haven't had the mesh talking. Talking. Talk radio. Well, listen. What they do. Right, Randall's, fried chicken is they season the hell out of it. They just in, in the marinate. It's got what are they hiding? Chicken. The grocery stores. You know, you mentioned grandy's, did you say Grandes? Yeah. The use the Grandes use things many more Grandes men. I haven't heard about the Grandes in a long time. biscuits in their roles were good into man they hey red beans and rice not miss her favorite i don't think cocktails then i drink beer and for that i go to connell on south street yeah And then what I'm gonna do this weekend for fun. With my customers would weddings and gives him does in your musician, mighty trumpet player. at the at least go mexican restaurant in texas tonight listen that's the first time we've had a mary guy call in The grabbing distance. W W, muddy, Chico romance say dot com given. Okay. Mexican shown in Texas right in front of the McDonald's. You got that trumpet handy, arm's length of a trumpet, you gotta handy right there. I never ask anybody. Trump. It man we want to hear. I got it somewhere. I'm get away. We'll wait for you, man. Go get it. Okay. Okay. Hold on a second. Phone down. What are we gonna do? Go get it man. Plus, plus down I had to get over here to the cash in my case. I got that's open opened up. Do what you gotta do. Get ready your lips up lips. All right. I mean I, I love a good Mary. A lot of. Here's the thing. I know about Marianne she bands and Ricky if you still. Yeah. Okay. Go ahead. Go ahead. It. Oh man. I wanna Margarita now that knowledge. Call you guys. america the beautiful of that'd be great so so where are you going to be saturday let's go well tonight i'll be these l. texas saturday it'll be private parties okay i got you i got you things like that tonight public heavy school now getting tonight hey question because this is a reputation that marriott ci ban have in the wedding business marriott you ban have a reputation of always being late why is that really because i think it's because there's so many of them yeah there's always going to be yeah there's always one or two For those who argue with one another, and they want to try to get back and us man. you know yeah we've been to say what actually trying to get back with the lady and we just said the get out i don't want to go Thank you. thank you for she gave us stranded mariuchi musician ride to gig one time we were going down southwest parkway up southwest parkway in this lincoln continental that was on the side of the road and this full mariotti also suit man standing next talking on a cell phone in his car he had hit something and all the little oil gone out of his car man it was a mess and he was trying to make his way to a gig yeah we gave him a ride gig yeah and it was i think it's the day that i locked myself into heaven i think i'm i think you did it's the only good thing i've ever done rescue to marriott chibana fell good you did a good thing wanna marry bands one they wear the suits which are kinda cool but have you ever seen a marriott guy wearing those suits in the suit fits you ever seen that in this case is suit fit only did yeah yeah yeah The ones I've seen always looks like a can of biscuits. like good enough i'll take it sean good morning on the done show good morning show shonda tell everybody who have you have you back man yeah i need president that blind association Fifty.

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