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Laser therapy or L. L. L. T. acronym for short this is something is becoming more more popular because people do not want to swallow risky pharmaceuticals they don't want to suffer with their musculoskeletal pain in their body their aches and pains they want something to be done and I have actually written probably about three articles on this so far for healthy living magazine so if you want to check that out and go back into their archives and take a look at those articles on low level laser therapy and how this red a light therapy is being used in applied of for a variety of maladies and conditions skin being one of them and skin challenges and also musculoskeletal conditions that's there on Facebook this last week check it out and in addition to that and it's always interesting how the flow of information occurs when it's of interest in and some people just stay in the ignorance is bliss and I have to disclose from the outset that I have a smart phone and I try to avoid contact with it as often as I can and I never put it up to my head unless it's an absolute emergency and I just can't find those times I use a speaker phone or a wire to it but if you have a smartphone like I do you should read some information about the fact that smart phones may leak harmful radiation and it talks about the fact that the Chicago Tribune it did an investigation about iPhone seven and also I believe it was a Sam song product as well and how the there's a possibility that skews me that there is eight leaking a lot of information above and beyond what the manufacturers of these cellphones apple and Samsung our reporting and there's now been an investigation about it it's coming to the surface alerting consumers and I think it would be and this is a somewhat breaking news it would be important for you to take a look at that if you have a Sam song or an I phone seven and how these a radio frequencies in coming out of there at the level in which they are are possibly carcinogenic and I realize it sounds pretty controversial because there's been so much information and conjecture about ours are cellphones contributing to the rise in Leo blast alme brain tumors and other parts and I you know I I've since I've told you on this radio show numbers of times that I know many people who cannot have cell phones up against their heady they start having headaches and they get weird sensations in their brain me being one of them my sister in law being another one and I know a number of other people are in the same boat I guess some people are are Bolivia say may have the kids I don't know issue you certainly should never allow child to put a cell phone up against their head because of their the thickness of their skulls last the radiation had it will impact them that to a greater degree and in the article that I posted up on Facebook this last week about smart phones and the fact that they may leak radiation and of course nobody wants to read it as they know they're not going to change your behavior when it comes to smartphones there too much fun hi I'm telling you it's always amazing when I see that okay so let me see this with this should really rock the Facebook this should go viral not because people look of a god out now you're not gonna talk me out of changing anything to do with my Facebook it's way too much fun I don't care if I grow tumor tomorrow and I'll put that baby in there I I'm I'm exaggerating their little bit but what I also provide is how to protect yourself from cell phone radiation a whole list of information that I think would be good for you to read too good to know about if you have one like I do and then go from there now also this last week we allow the health poll question to run I think all the way up until Friday last week we announced a conta somewhat controversial health poll question related to what the Attorney General of the state of California is doing with the doctor a medical doctor who is being accused of over prescribing opioid drugs unnecessarily prescribing opioids drugs and that this particular doctor has been charged with murder for patients they are alleging this doctor killed with opioid drugs and to the results of that poll are in and we're gonna I'm gonna share those with you after this short break but before I do that I wouldn't give you more information about the Attorney General of the state of California and this doctor and why somebody finally grow sat and is doing something about the opioid crisis in America which is in large part due to the over prescribing of certain individuals within the medical.

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