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Street sets out of the AP Andy mayors, really, you know, really is bread is MS breath ago longer. And he's been you know, he's been picking off a lot of low hanging fruit. Running in in listed stakes and some of those spots well placed, but this is a great three and. Past accents. And breaking lucky. Again. Here's another example there were horses that were making up ground late. They weren't. Nobody nobody came on the main track two to pass win. But. Breaking lucky did did stock and fellowship to fellowship actually loomed. At one point Peter yellow absolutely took note of Kennie decker the the Fred Bri. Fellowship hard hitter. Now six ended up third near could effort, and he's approaching he's going to he's going to end up a millionaire. Fellowship. Up over eight hundred thousand probably with that. Now, a little less, right? Yeah. Seven seven seventy five give or take. But he's he's tracking toward a million dollars. Now. Six years old the awesome, of course, Jackson better, and then the other stake. What can you say about Mike maker maker between the McKnight and yesterday the John Conley? Unbelievable. Zulu alpha and solo I'll discuss it with with Johnny just a couple of minutes. But. The. The the power house on these turf. These turf stakes Mike maker, it's really something and go alpha and solo on paper. It looked like the race was coming down to them. And again, this was another part of this is what I'm saying with Johnny. I want to ask because it it. The day was really, you know, ultra form fall to be honest. I we we worked so hard to figure out. You know, who who might be live at a price and know, there's a lot to be said for. You know for just. Taken what's out there? And in this case Zulu alpha soli, oh, they were one two and vying down the stretch, and it was the rat. And. Jose. And they ding Dong it. And it was Zulu alpha prevailing. And this is the Michael way. Runner that John gentlemen, had right? John John had and. Had been claimed we talked to John when he won the sycamore. Then these last couple of starts in Florida makers had the Kalua met bread Street Cry gelding. Hunting horn rain. Well, the trip was the trip wedded up in okay for coolmore hunting horns third here. And of course, magic wand second in the turf race number one though in the Philly sprint dream Pauline. And certainly. For Kieran and for Stonestreet. This was really a a site and a welcome sight. And she's obviously going to be a major part of the filly and mare sprint seen in twenty nineteen Karen McLaughlin joins us. Congratulations. Thanks. Thank you very much. You know, how how bothered were you in the weather turned, and you knew it was going to be a kind of a wet mass at one the sugar swirl under similar conditions, but it's still wants settling. Bad for all everybody at the strana group for putting on such a great card, and then having it rained so much I felt bad for everybody. But they put on still a great show and she obviously handled the wet before. So we weren't that concerned about it. I felt bad for the whole day. Well, look that this group, and you know, here's the champion from last year shamrock rose you had blamed coming back in this spot. It looked like there was going to be the potential may be for blame to to set an easy pace. And that really didn't materialize. The race was run a little bit differently Castellano. Really I thought managed her beautifully. Thinking that half mile Guam with their don't don't. Speed was good. But he did the right thing. And she obviously a special Philly. We've always thought she was a special Phillies Ben on Laki through her whole life on different situations. Broker main Tedi N rising star we brought into Florida and then decided to stop and give her a little time off came back in round great a van and August Acerra toga. She was in the priors of temblor third or fourth. Gotta temperature the day before the race and we had to scratch, and then we wanted to run in the raven..

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