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Glory to jesus. We continue looking good and we are outta conclude are serious. I'm excited that we alani and god is really helping us to understand what it takes to be born akin to receive salvation and to live according to the will of the father they want us to look good from the book of colossians colossians three and i want to begin from us one. This is what the bible cease. Then you have been raised with christ set hats on things above or christ of the right time of god. Set your mind on things above not on ugly things for you died and you let is know heat with christ in court when christ. Who is you. Life appears the new will also appear with him in glory is what the bible is telling us. That's now because we have been raised together. With christ because we have been born into the family of jesus because we have been inducted into the kingdom of god and have become new people. We have become new creation. We have become together are one with christ disease. What the bible says that. Not because you have been raised with christ glenis it. A heart's on things above where christ is seated at the right time. Of course we are might where we set to one might on things above not on athletes things not on the interview used to not on the former ways of life not of the former ways that free up while police are flesh foolishly desires. Not don't that things are contrary to the will of the father so by brisk telling us to sit on my on things above not on athlete things for we daito. Our life is no. He didn't with christ in god in christ to ease our life because he has become now our new life because now own life is gone. a now wanted christ. I'm win in christ. Who is live a ps when we also will appear with him in blurry let me continue. Invest find insists put to death therefore whatever belongs to actually make it did of those things that he's calling. The ugly mitch is it begins with sexual immorality impurity last evil desires and greed which is idolatry because of these the wrath of god is coming is as invested. When you used to work in these ways in the life wants leave but now button now you must get treat yourself from all sides. Things has such anger rage. Mondays as lund filled the language from your lips he says do not lie to each other since you have taken off your old self with its practices and put on the new self which is being renewed in late in the image of its creator yet. Very smoke record. Succumb against on and succumb sites barbarian level free but christ is all an enormous amount to emphasize on the knicks at east dating the bible eastern about getting rid of our four anything that now because we have died to save we have been raised together with christ so whatever whatever is not increased cannot survive in us you know it is telling us of the examples of things that we should not no longer work in sexual immorality impurity last evil desires and greed are continues to say are we get rid of anger rich molly slander and fueled the language from your lips. You know this means that we cannot long continue to leave as we used to leave when we were stealing the is telling us of the things that we were comfortable doing in the former life when we had not received christ and our because we have received. Christ the bible's telling us that now be a heat and with christ so that which pleases the father because greis is the image of that which pleases the father is. What is expected expected expected of us because we have been giving now rules for living a good life leaving a life that is species to living a life that is reflecting the life of christ and so we are being told of the things we should get rid of. We are being reminded that we have now become the children of light and the children of light not walk in anger. The children of light do not walk ins london. Mali's language of filthy language from oil leaves. The children of light do not work in sexual immorality that not work in evil desires and greed. They do not work in impurity unless we have been doing that. We should not walk as christ would walk if he was on earth. Both reminding me of the book of galicians is twenty two east. It's of the the fruit of the holy spirit that we should start the on. If you read that to what you will see. Kindness love peace on those things are going through you long-suffering those other the fruit of the spirit. And so when you get rid of the things information as we as the have been stated here you start not wearing the fruit of the spirit. It is important. And i know you. You have not these these. Maybe maybe one more data. You're working somewhere and buy your talking. People would just tell you in icon. And i think you you can. I use saved. Maybe we'll in a list or in a position where you are expected to react but you just so come because you have this fruit of the spirit of food of spirit. Are you have fish. You have long suffering you enduring things you you kind. You're you're loving you. You're portraying christ even in the in the things or in anywhere you go. So i want to remind us. We have been heat with christ in god. There are not expected of us when we receive christ because we have become one with christ we have been adopted to the kingdom of god on ria reflect to christ in our dealings because the new life a new set has consumed the old sale. And now we have become like jesus and the bible says as he is so we are the name of jesus. I believe we are getting blessed. We will be concluding tomorrow and mike honest. I am also learning a lot. And i believe you're learning to buy the chris of could on behalf of pasta painter these anytime with a daily input the daily in the lord bliss. And do you good shallan..

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