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I had my cricket sound effect i would play that right now Look t bar may look pretty damn good and i gotta give props to Was a mace. Mace had a pretty as double elbow. Drop look pretty damn good deal madden look pretty damn good definitely pretty damn good but i may. I personally didn't care About this magic. Do all the video packages all. You want for lucia house party. And you know you could tell me that they were once crips and all this other stuff. That's going on eddie gonna matter why it is what it is didn't care about this matchup. Shame miss putting another challenge out there. This go row. He faced ricochet her bertel. Carrillo actually returned the favor from. I think he was last week. Four week prior when ricochet pretty much dead ham solid and everything so herbert oh carrillo pretty much returned the favor they are This was a damn good matchup. I gotta say and for me would really really had made. This match was seeing shameless. Who accidentally got hit in the face By ricochet i mean he took a pretty much a elbow elbow forum strike to the face and it just busted shameless open wide up. I mean wide up. This guy was bleeding so profusely and you just see the color of his skin. You know he's got that almost edward scissorhands type of skin going on and everything. I mean blood all over his face bloody dripping down. His chest dow to his stomach on his arms man. Visual of that was just made you say to yourself yet again..

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