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Five on the chart with all of that yeah and I can recall that case in Colerain township where police all firefighters going I think captain Bronx to men and another was a shower or something like that and there was allegations lightly grow operation in the basement and there was no connection between the two but however whenever you start growing marijuana illegally you got to be thinking about number one what happens do I have the right safety measures secondly if I'm caught it's a felony thirdly the please can confiscate your house and anything connected to it and fourth why not safe for the firefighters all hell's broken yeah right yeah yeah no no quick end is within a five story apartment building I mean this could have been really bad like you said the fortunate you know how fast and how effective the Cincinnati fire department is because they got there and even though with the working fire when they got there they were able to use the suppression that they had to keep that thing to yeah pretty minimal damage really considering where they were but that yeah I've been a very dangerous situation in an apartment building up all you know you like you like to think there's professional courtesy and this first case we talked about about lawyers in about news individuals about on the straight and cops but when everything is videotaped and you say tell your mom that you met real cops tonight and it doesn't help that I'm a police officer now that plays well and not course a lot of cops or hang outside of a bar two thirty in the morning and that's were the drinking is right now right I think it was a man is I've been by a man this is a little bar there in Loveland like going to Loveland like going to the greater is their send these out it's indecent yeah I don't know what they were celebrating but Hoover's a phone call away does does get on the horn and say Hey I'm right here get picked up and cops to enforce the laws got to follow the law and as you said if if captain Amanda Caton fifty five years old a two twenty four AM as she gone another ten miles down the road and killed somebody all hell breaks loose and they go to our days a what is it parked the car here I'm taking you home well I if you do that you got to do that with everybody an early right deal with everybody it's is bad politics and his momentary lapse a good judgment is going to cause captain Amanda Kate and quite a bit to to be in the police division only seventeen years and earn your way up to a captain out of a family of police officers I just I have empathy for her maybe I shouldn't but I do right well you know I mean it it it you know it it's it's one of those things that can happen I mean maybe it was canon figured there wasn't that far to go didn't think she was that you know sometimes when you have you been drinking or stop me your your your judgment isn't that good so all the sudden your bank your okay when really you are not okay and you know what that that's a possibility whatever it is it's one of those situations where you want to like you said the thing surprises me is that he would know that all this was recorded at the met with Rodney mulch that both of you would have realized this was all recorded in an and none of the and all that was going to be captured that that's the one part the kind of surprised me I mean back somebody maybe goes out they have a little bit too much that that that happened we got over many folks even a captain Hoover you know maybe get got over the line didn't realize that but but when the stuff so I mean even if you're pretty bad all you would realize I'm on camera now or this is gonna be all record good I would think they would have realized that that does surprise me a little bit that there would have been maybe a little bit more restraint like Hey go with the flow will work all this out later will go to court it will be we can make happen but don't don't get all need god we'd been in their shoes well you know so now they got to get a hold of leaving around a stop by the main call the member going back in time to the grow operation it was robin Brock's demand and and Brian Shirer who were sent right thought they read a fire scene in Colerain township suddenly there was a a marijuana grow operation in the basement that somehow we can the floorboards down they go in to bring our fighters are dead so yeah yeah you gotta take that very seriously all right well we got it right we got a run and now we'll see what happens and Brian Hambrick you're a great American once again thank you for coming on the bill Cunningham show thanks again Mister Cunningham run hammer thank us continue now after two o'clock today I think about two forty to forty five Joe deters unica gonna come on directly after his news conference and what's through ancestry dot com they have solved a series of rapes of children and young women in the tri state I think it's going to put out a a Clarion call for more information on this but I don't have a lot to scan information about what's going to be announced at two thirty but stay tuned to forty five for more a term of the Reds newsradio seven hundred WLW.

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