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Hey i showed organic carrots geico expect great savings and a whole lot more you're listening to the stephen smith show podcast wreath stuff from my instagram page stephen smith posted a question on today will we see the steph curry of old all whoa houston's physicality be too much for steph curry to overcome as this season progresses as the series progresses i'm sorry wanted to read some of the instagram post from you willow tech w i l o w i l k he writes steph needs to wait if it came down to a game seven or even six to close out then go for it show a show be why snyder s h e l b y y s and why the er says hell no steph can't have chris paul is too quick and fired up for curry k one though t h o u rights no if you go back to both games three was pushing hard and they wasn't calling anything zero st nineteen z ro regardless curry doesn't even need to be a star for the warriors to win this series and j underscore emma parker writes stephen a i know you have to make a topic out of nothing but the warriors won three laws one now every four games all their losses came away from oracle curry on one leg will make good at the oracle warriors win in five i'm making something out of nothing series tied one they just got blitz by he's.

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