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Shackleton doesn't have to wait long within a day. The manager of the whaling station invites him and his crew to dinner at his home the crew was in good spirits filling their bellies with fresh mackerel and rum. They exchange sailing stories with the whaling boat. Captains one of the older skippers leans over to shackleton. What are your plans. I know the waters. Maybe i can help. That's what i was hoping for. He tells the man the crew plans to head east through the south sandwich island group and then south along the antarctic coast to vassal bay. We wanted to go ashore by the end of december. Then we're on foot. That's when the journey really begins the skipper frowns. The ice in the whittlesey is never easy but this year is the worst. I remember other whalers chime in. There's no is slow. Movement in the island chains palmer peninsula packed up tight to there hasn't been enough wind to take the ice floes away from land. It's bad the stationmaster interrupts. Don't even try wait until next season. But shackleton can't wait. It's taken three years and everything he has to get their if they go back now he and his men will join up with the war efforts. It could be years until they get this chance again. He confers with his second in command. Frank wild wild was with him on the scott expedition and on the nimrod he's known for his level head. The expedition means almost as much to him. As it does to shackleton they decided to wait a few more weeks see if the winds pick up and the weather turns they can get more coal as backup fuel if they run into anything rough but no matter what they're going shackleton leans in to speak to wild tele crew will.

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