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Pseudo comedy show on. The, pseudo comedy central network on Thursday night And she was talking about Medicare for everybody Well everything for everybody and that she had talks to Nobel prize economic winners and that she had it figured out how are we gonna pay for everything she intends to give away now as you listen to this And I, apologize if, you've heard it, but the one thing you haven't heard is, might take the really important thing about this to understand is. This woman has a degree in economics from Boston University not Boston College Boston, University Boston University, thirty years ago twenty five years ago had a great president his name with John Silber and he was fantastic in education he had done John Silber did a. Study, of American has ruled textbooks And he. Released the results. Of his study and one that I will never forget He said in one of the most common high school history textbooks The longest reference to ABRAHAM LINCOLN he can find was two paragraphs Two paragraphs in, an American history textbook for students He was sounding the alarm twenty-five thirty. Years ago on what's wrong with American, public education what students are being taught more importantly what they're not big Alexandra okay CEO Cortes is a graduate from Boston you she has a degree in economics and it's, clear she doesn't know anything and. If this level this degree of, complete economic ignorance can get you a degree, in economics from a major American University then something is drastically terribly wrong here is. The first illustration questioning even if you reversed the Republican tax deal that's? Only gonna make up, five percent. Of what we, need to pay for Medicare how do you pay for education for everyone. And all your, other ideas this is an excellent excellent question and in. Fact there's a lot of back of. The envelope stuff based on our values so for example I sat down with.

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