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Newsradio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Hey, good, Thursday morning. Mostly sunny today with our warming trend continuing a high of about fifty two degrees this afternoon. That's about ten degrees above normal tonight. Clear skies twenty five for the overnight low also normal tomorrow. How about sixty degrees in Denver almost all of the snow? That's still around town will be gone by this weekend. As we climb up to around sixty one on Saturday under mostly sunny skies. And then some clouds on Sunday fifty four little snow possible back in the high country by the end of the weekend. We'll stay dry down here on the front range from CBS four Terry on KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM sunny at thirty four in the tech center now on Colorado's morning news possible movement in the investigation of a missing mom from woodland park. KOA NewsRadio Connor shreve. Joining us live with the latest. We now know that he thirty two year old nurse from twin falls Idaho being investigated for possibly helping to get rid of Kelsey Barrett's phone authorities. Not yet releasing the name of that woman. Births phone did ping towers in Idaho, after she disappeared in November will fiancee's Patrick crazy has been formed. Charged with murder and other counts in that case. Prosecutors think he may have attempted multiple times to try to find somebody to kill sheriff right now a custody hearing for the couple's one year old daughter is underway. Barrett's is do appear in court for emotion hearing tomorrow reporting live, Connor shreve, KOA NewsRadio. We're going to get more on the story from ABC producer Carol McKinley at night twenty here on Colorado's morning news. Capitol hill. Democrats take over the house today, and they're going to be pushing forward a funding package to reopen. The government it appears the president though isn't budging on a key campaign promise, the president digging in on his demand for five point six billion dollars to build his border wall. When they say, the wolves immoral. Well, then you better to do something about the Vatican. The Vatican has the biggest wall of them. All the wall is immoral.

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