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Identification this northwestern Wildcats basketball west star media group station well the Wildcats taking a forty four forty one leave it on a poop reporter with fourteen forty four to go the Buckeyes went on at eight OO run you'll buy four straight points for Caleb lesson on what trip down the floor that now it is a six point gain with ten fourteen to go fifty five forty Wildcats story by seventy we're also double figures with or else that's what the game double figures is a lot of cable for this store for five I was wait hope you here's a coach's negative reporting I would have said it if you did I was ahead in my mouth right we go take care of the but I thought that is three that's a good point that's not a good sign they get to kill all the while loop of the hobbits got four steals and DJ cartons got to the bottom the card is this Wildcats Turner Barnes requested Washington now Walker will baseline level while St Paul fourteen thousand six less of left wing comfort inside and I take you to the border Robbie bearing great out of bounds play but the grubby Behrens said no thank you buried with the block certainly right Turner have to pop back to Turner Turner drives on a large all the way it drops it these calls the travel what does a nice pass to they were looking for the hammer this get pass crosscourt they took it away bearing was cut why open just got a little anxious thirteen turned over the game for the Wildcats the second least turnover prone teams in the big ten the national leaders today those are the three feet inside what through the legs of killed once it hits a backup working against the double team physical Walker hopes it outside travel the little second thoughts about put that ball yeah I respond bacon unfortunately for him both his feet were moving while it was fun Robbie goes up the dance comes back yeah Briles state ordered this goes out with dell comes in quite frankly you might see about it also is large goes no can really rebound with US three point shots during the game where this story out with water on our ballots for for Saddam to dance this is we look they'll take a three for the right and we're about to make it by Los thirty five forty five to go outside the Walker heart western this all thirty fifteen with the war well they do bad be pretty all the time be sure to fill the there is a very well hello bill fifteen foot jumper good the Dallas first points fifty seven fifty one eight eighteen to go six point Buckeye lead later purpose that off don't give the ball a lesson about service for young young adults who we all the rights to screen for download here's what the floor Walker the please leave no good reason your yeah I do think that when I'm the ribs yeah what kind of which AT her drive right past please we have to be and that will get us.

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