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Or something we were like. It's a little. We wish it was two new girl was to eight. That would have been better. But By the end I mean it was just like there's no shows that have that any more than have like the overnight writing, so we still had that constant pressure of lake. Wednesday morning we have to have this number and and so stressful, and it's also just like. That network single camera schedule is like a bad like it's like it's bare especially if you're kind of writing his, you have kids. During that I had I had my first two kids during that tale. From that's because when I was doing Andy Richter controls, the university was. I would go four without saint because well. My son, who's nineteen now was was a baby was like barely on the one or the other side of being a year old and I'll go four days, not seen him awake. Like I'd leave, or he woke up and I'd come home when he was. You know asleep and ban. Yes, was it's I? Mean it's yeah. Listen I'm on a fucking TV show. Yeah, yeah, but it's like. You know it's hard enough to not see your family when you're working doing anything, but especially, when you got a little a brand new baby, and you're in its it exhausts the and you're you're you're number one on the call sheets and it's like it's so much. It's a lot of yes, and and you know. Luckily. One of my kids was born during hiatus, so that kind of was like a little bit. but it was You know I like yeah. I look back at that show, which is like nothing, but just love, and it was really funny, because she is so funny and she. You know took such good care of the crew and we had. A lot of our crew stayed the same over the six years and it was really. It was really like a joyful. Did you announced it being a series regular after the first yeah? After the first. Guy became serious rag. Given nice got they write a check then acting check whoop. That was really really really governed the. They fly anywhere. You get to first class seats because you're not always sometimes. I just put my little Hudson news bag in the second. When even use it? People will come by one time the veteran came by, and they say he said No. No, sorry, asked the right I said I'm sorry. Sir Can sit there. Tell Him, I appreciate his service, but might to waters are going to be sitting here and very. Take it over the Union over you? So you expect it to be in the writer's room as much or were you kinda like just checking back in with David?.

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