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The I guess you can call them. Protesters of the dedicated bus line in regards to the red line. Julia Jason hammer here now in your video package that I watch I did see like the owner of Mohan Janis who's been very outright. Very forefront. Chuck. Yeah. About not being a big fan of what's happening with this construction. But were there other business owners who might not have saw what this was going to entail? When they initially supported this red line. Would they surprised by this construction? Yeah. Interesting. You bring up shock because she was one of those people, and he told me she initially voted for measure that resulted in project being approved. He told me that at the time when he went along with it a couple of years ago. No idea there was going to be a dedicated bubbling. And he had no idea. It was going to be right. His business to twenty years. So what are they the people that don't like this what do they propose instead? Their alternative is designed it's being used along different parts of the indigo line route. So they're not proposing anything that is not already being planned for other portions of the route they want Nick lane. They want these buses to be able to travel the alongside regular cars. They don't want that dedicated bustling Joya. Did you get a chance to reach out to the mayor's office in today? Give a response to these complaints. I dig reach out and there were a couple of protesters at at that rally yesterday, and they will hauling for. Is stepping concerns to do something about it to address their concerns with the indigo board. It's aborted. Shutting board of directors. We reached out and as spokesperson for the mayor dot back to me. She basically redirected my question. Eighty dollars you explained that even though it is a miserable corporation is not directly under the control. The mayor is under the control of the city council. Duly one more thing before we let you go. You mentioned Chuck MAC, who's a.

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