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Richmond announced the hiring of their new manager American football coach Ted Lasso you're an American who's now in charge of a football club despite possessing very little knowledge of the game I know that AFC Richmond is gonna give you everything they got win or lose all tied right y 'all do ties here that was the original plan for Ted Lasso right Jason creators of the show went in and said we have this idea for a three season arc that we want to do this is where actors the go and that's it now what they keep saying over and over is they never counted on the success of the show they didn't know how wildly popular it would be and that maybe people would be upset of with it ending after three scenes and apple maybe wanted to keep it going after three seasons that's a decision now they're going to try to make but a lot of these shows they want to be in and out what do you think about these shows and what makes them so special I mean is it the writing is it the story arc you mentioned just three and done some of them have gone on a lot more than that or is it the characters and the acting that we've seen it's just sort of a I mean you mentioned Big Bang Theory and you mentioned Heinfeld great comedies that we love but these are like a step up when it comes to acting especially if I could say succession which I think has been phenomenal it's a combination of all of them if you look at Ted Lasso Specifically that was a show that came at the perfect time during the pandemic when everything was doom and gloom life just didn't feel very bright and shiny and happy and here comes the show that was just so much about positivity and inspiration and in addition to also being good everything like Succession I've done in my life I've done for my

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