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He doesn't have the same high per se Oscar pierce who does in terms of so a year or two or three Williams isn't the worst thing in the world for him. So I don't think he's going to be sing out on much. So at least he's in the system and then you know he can grow and develop and he could be like the Daniel Ricciardo sort of effect where he was good in the junior formulae but F one. It was the category that clicked for him really at least when he was a Red Bull drive. So it could be, yeah, it could be the right place for our time for old Jack, so that would be someone who really, you know, in terms of it's always nice to have two Aussies on the grid. Would be nice to have three. Let's not get gravy, though, because yeah, that could be, that could be 2024. Well, let's just start with two for now. I mean, we're at the moment, we really only got one. It's one in one out. It's like a clock. Like a really awful club. So we don't know what's going to happen. But it would be interesting for Jack because Williams is still keen on Logan sergeant. If you can't race next year, they want him to race the following year, assuming he has a good F two season, maybe even wins the thing. Yeah. So then that would maybe mean Jack's there on a one year deal. The question mark then is over who Alpine actually gets, it's a weakened situation. I don't know if you sort of feel the same way, but on the one hand it feels like they actually isn't that much talent out there to feel safe. You got a couple of two guys. Yeah. You've got your other random character like Nick to raise a sort of inserted himself here and that's pretty good. But then like we're still talking about Nico hulkenberg, who don't get me wrong, had a great career, but had a great career. It's happened. It's finished, but we're still talking about drivers like that. Even Antonio giovinazzi, who I liked and think he actually deserved a bit of a longer opportunity, but you know, it's not like he was making such a great case that he absolutely should be back on the Formula One grid either. So on the one hand, you sort of got a weak field, but on the other hand, if you did have someone like Jack do and rock up at Williams, there's every chance you might only get one year and then not find another seat because there are enough like average drivers making a good enough case for themselves that there aren't enough seats. True, but then if Jack uses that opportunity to go, well, this is how good I'm bloody am. You'd be mad not to keep me or to or to poach me. So he's got to be in the system. It's just like, it's like an IFL coach. I think James heard there's more. I think he's even on the Alpine wish list of potential candidates to fill that state. And if you're talking about there's not enough depth in the junior formula, which I disagree with. I'm actually very surprised that lame Lawson is not in the mix. For AlphaTauri, graduation, for example. So that surprises me a little bit. But yeah, I think there's enough talent on the grid to be filled by your F two types. And look, I'm not going to discredit IndyCar, right? I think that you could easily get all other drivers of higher stock on board. Yeah, I just found a bizarre is more eligible for super license points that Colton heard but he's not even in anyone's right up. And I think he's progression into IndyCar has been far more impressive, but nevertheless, yeah. It's an interesting, interesting time. It is interesting, isn't it? And it does make you wonder the Nick devries thing. Now he's another driver we should talk about here because he's on everyone's list all of a sudden he's on Williams lists. He's on Alpine's list. He's now apparently the favorite to go to alpha tauri replaced Pierre gasly. But he's kind of broken the business model a little bit because he's not come immediately up through F two. Obviously he's an F two champion a couple of years ago, but he's gone by formula E and he's a driver that realistically was written off. Before this year there was no chance he's getting to Formula One he had a shot at Williams and at Alfa Romeo for this season and Williams went for Alex Albon and Alfa Romeo and for Joe grand you in both of them worked out obviously. So that's no knock on that decision making. But all of a sudden is injected himself into the conversation for good reason because he had a great race in Italy. A great race on debut sudden race on debut. But it does make you wonder, every time we hear someone say, oh, like the F two greeted schnitzel very impressive, it's very weak greed, all these kinds of things. How seriously can we take it? Because as you sort of said earlier, sometimes drivers do click in formula and you can't take a punt on a driver happening to get all of a sudden much better and if one. But it does make you wonder whether actually we're bypassing too many drivers because sort of the vibe of the greed in F two. He's not so good. Reading, yeah, reading too many articles. I don't say we don't respect you, but in your posture, but I don't. Yeah, just yeah, you can't be riding off drivers in the press. And yeah, it's very strange that people get sucked into this vortex of if they've got good headlines around them, therefore they're going to be stand at driver because it's not always been the case. Not always been the case, but yeah, I think many seasons before it was written off too many drivers. Drivers of hung around for too long as well. So there's talent if you look hard enough and just ignore the hype and look at the raw facts and the raw data. This is why maybe this is why I'm anti anti hero because I just don't, if I look at the data, if I don't believe the headlines, if I don't say Lee diffie screaming about how good Colton herder is and every IndyCar driver just having Carlton's back. Very admirable. But if I'm looking at the data, I don't see it. I just don't bloody say it and I'm not going to get sucked in for it either. I'm not going for the popular route. Now is the time for the king to take his rightful place thrown in the Hall of Fame. Sit on his king of Thrones. I'm KB. That's my time. Books of neutrals. This break is brought to you by liquor land. And we've got a special promo code for loyal listeners of box of neutrals when you

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