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An individual whose existence I began online under the pseudonym Jameson? What can you tell? Tell me about Jameson. Who she first of all and why did you get involved in this case is she is a housewife? A mother lives in a southern state and saw this story and it hit her. I hit her for personal. The reasons of which I don't really know all up immediately. She started blogging. On this case and people started to pay attention. She wondered if it was an intruder and or if it was the family members over time she came to know Lou Smit and others involved in the investigation and believe that intruder was responsible for it and has overtime collected a great deal of material. I think of her as the Encyclopedia of this case Doug. What was your first initiation to her? I first initiation was in nineteen ninety eight. She had been named by a professor at an Ivy League school as a possible suspect. In the case he had done some analysis of her writings and had come to the conclusion the very very very wrong conclusion that she was somehow a suspect in the case in we learned of this as I was doing a series of stories. He's on the case and I met with her for the first time in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight in Boulder Colorado and she told me in her story and we did her story sense then. I have used as a resource over the years. Time and time In time again and I too have traveled to her hometown and I to have set either in her whole or in a hotel room or the library uptown and looked at listened to and watched the things she's collected and it's remarkable what she's collected so not not only was she not the murderer but she became like you said the encyclopedia and Lou Smit would actually call her to fact check. Isn't that right and and John Ramsey still does. Yeah over that time you know a a blogger who's a bit anonymous at times and you wonder right I mean are they straight are they bending things are they twisting facts to a certain advantage. She she is a straight shooter. She's collected what she's collected from sources all over the country and people send her things. It's remarkable remarkable. What she gets in the mail and she tells you about it? She trusts you. loose-knit trusted her and they engaged in numerous conversations over the years and she visited him in Colorado and he trusted her. He trusted her so much that he add this valuable list of suspects and he gave her access to those to a spreadsheet. And that's what we're working with. Well I think it is finally time to on mosque jonassen. Let's give her a call Jamieson. I am isn't show. We know all the facts. The ramseys have been accused of this murder. Burke Ramsey has been falsely accused of this murder. There it was a witch hunt surrounding in my view John and Patsy Ramsey. But we're in a unique position. Now Jameson it's two two thousand and nineteen and we have access to new enhancements in technology. Dan Is it's very important in this case. Why is it? There is no innocent explanation or any foreign mail. DNA to be found on her body for on her clothes under her nails and especially not co mingled old with the blood spots from the sexual assault that were found in her panties. There's no innocent explanation for that. DNA to be in any of those places places. It does not belong to anybody in her family which means that someone who sexually assaulted her that day left their DNA there and it's important to find that person and it's also important to know that he nineteen ninety-six not only was Technology Bailey available to properly testimony of saint or. I suspect that mistakes by the ball deep payday meant it simply wasn't used to its full capabilities and now with the advantage and enhancements of DNA technology that we saw with the Golden State Killa and how that unsolved case this was solved. We're really in a unique position. We're in a great position because we know that there's more. DNA evidence that needs to be tested and what still needs to be tested in this case for DNA. Okay some of the items that were taken as evidence were sent to boaty and they sent them. I'm back and didn't test them. And they those items need to be brought back to the lab and retested using the better knowledge that we have. Are we going to get asked. But how are we going to get access to those well. One Way. We're not gonNA physically get a hold of these items which could include fluid. The garage The handled it was used as under garage. Which of course someone's hand was on? So why wouldn't you test that. We're not go and physically get a hold of that but loose Smith has a daughter and daughter along with some of his former colleagues are are trying to get those items tested. They sit with the Boulder Police Department. They are trying to pressure the Boulder Police Department into doing the right thing and getting goes critical items critical pieces of evidence tested. But why why were. They not tested twenty years ago. That's sounds crazy. It's a murder scene. They found enough. DNA to know that someone outside of the family was there and they have five more pieces of evidence that could have been tested and they just didn't do it. Oh that's that's an easy answer. They know who did it they gotten DNA back and the rams and family my good fit the foreign DNA. That was Jon Benet panties that stop anybody from believing that the family did it. No and they're they hit the information from the District Attorney's Office the Boulder Police Department at the report saying that. DNA belong to a foreign person person and they didn't tell the district attorney's office. They did not tell Smith they did not tell anyone. They hit that secret for months and months and months launch in to me. That's criminal in itself and I understand. I understand back then when they would probably embarrassed and they've already pointed the finger at the family and they they couldn't Sort of on. Go down that path but it seems like now there'd be a whole new group of people at the Boulder Police Department at at the DA's office. Why this minute let me? Just let me just say what everyone should be saying. If Lou Smith spreadsheet exists why why is the Boulder Police Department. Not doing what we're doing we're podcast producers. And we're left to do the research that they won't do. They told told me number one. They have other cases new cases and vital cases that they feel they can do better work on and and that's their priority number two the funding. They've spent so much money on the Ramsey case. They really don't have that much money three they. They don't feel that they can properly ever get a conviction in this case even if they find intruder they're always intruders lawyers gonNA stab Ab. They said the RAMSEYS did it. And so they don't feel that they'll be able to get an addiction. So why bother the thing that you need to note is the same people that have not solved this case. Twenty two years are the same people in charge same elites that were there day one day to day fifty day one hundred are still there in charts so they must have been like in their twenty like they must have just been starting their career back in ninety six ninety seven this you know. They hadn't been a murder in boulder. Oh to Colorado of a kid like this that will foreign to how to deal with these type of crowd a few days after the murder they bring in John Andrew Ramsay Ramsey. That was John Benitez older brother. He was a sophomore at the University of Colorado at the time they bring him into the Boulder police station. They put him in a room and he is hoping that now. The police are going to solve the murder. Sister to police officers come immune. He's sitting in the chair. They sit down. They hand him their cards. Their business cards police business cards one card. It says auto theft one card says narcotics. Neither of those cards say homicide and he thinks Oh my oh my God what's going.

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