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And Beyonce and with each six episodes Siri's We're going to take you through some of these amazing story. Tropical Storm Sally and the Gulf of Mexico, bringing a few showers near our coast this morning. It will be a little breezy through the day, but the rain chances will increase to 60% with some of that moisture racking around Sally. Loading highs today at 88 degrees and the showers will taper off this evening with a low Tonight of 76. Even Sally makes landfall tomorrow. Our rain chances are still pretty high at 50% in the high of 89 if you're out on the water today, southeast winds of 15 knots and seize up to 3 to 5 ft. Max Defender rate meteorologist Li Span The Air Quality Index is good right now. Mostly cloudy 78 degrees in ST Petersburg, 78 in Plant City and 79 at your severe weather station news radio fella. Next up dated 5 45 for a strike, man. You men get on with the weather begins the new bacon bourbon chicken sandwich at Roy Rogers restaurants. It's a hand breaded filet with a sweet, savory bourbon, says Bacon and pep Project cheese. Down boys and have a boy door dash is available at participating restaurants. From the Maas Nissan Traffic Center. We're checking and clear on all of our major roadways throughout the Bay Area. No major incidents or delays to talk about this traffic report is sponsored by New South Factory Direct Windows..

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