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NBA Finals coverage Text the word bucks 285561616 20. In baseball. The Brewers Ernest split of their doubleheader in N. Y C 12 pitch. Fly ball deep left center field. Well struck back Smith. It is gone. Will you Don asana 12 Pitch goes deep. It three Nothing. Brewers. That is Jeff lettering on the Brewers Radio network. The crew drops game 143 but wins Game to five to nothing. Brett Anderson looks good on his return from the injured list. Manager Craig Counsell is hoping to just get three innings out of Anderson. Instead, Anderson throws four, allowing just three hits and throwing just 44 pitches. Most important He feels healthy, happy to be out there and be healthy and, uh, make some purpose is to be sufficient as it could be, and the way the first two ended to come out on top of this game is a good feeling with the wind. The Brewers salvage a game in the series after losing the first two games against the Mets. Matt Polly WTMJ Sports The Brewers are back home tonight. It's the start of their final series before the All Star break. First pitch against Cincinnati. Set for 7 10 coverage on our sister station, 94 5. ESPN starts at 6 30. 85 finally in hockey. Tampa Bay You may as well call it Champ Obey the Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup champions For the second consecutive year. They defeat the Montreal Canadians in five games. Wisconsin native Cold Caufield goes home empty handed but has one heck of a rookie season with Montreal. That's one of my favorite sports moments every single year is seeing that behemoth of a trophy hoisted and parade around the ice. Just an amazing moment and after they beat their you know what out of each other for however, many games in the course of the playoffs set the Sheikh King of hands. The handshake line is one of the closed traditions in sports. They always set it aside and say You said it perfectly. I could stop your good 5 18 want to have the best lawn in the neighborhood showing red Often, Hagen and Alex Crow every Saturday at six a.m. for the designer yard show, and you can submit your questions each week at wtmj dot com slash yard. The designer yard show Saturdays at six on WTMJ. It's Brewers baseball season in Milwaukee. And this here is a tradition unlike anything else. The party in the parking lot tailgate games. This is along the grill, the roar of the crowd. Nobody doesn't.

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