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I don't know why. I feel like i'm watching an snl skit about houses of new york. You know like it just. I don't know like this episode was just so frustrating to me and i was expecting so much more out of having heather there. I don't think she said one word the whole time there. I mean seriously though. What would we do without ebony because she to me is the only person in any of these episodes that gives us something. I mean aside from her confessionals which are always so spot on and say exactly what we're thinking in the moment. i just think she handles. Every situation objectively the best. And especially when it's like the ramona and sonia and at times even leah are just acting so irrationally. I find myself looking for ebony hoping for her to come on the screen because she's my only calming presence in this fucking mishmash and if she wasn't there just sitting around staring at each other like there's nothing she's the one who's like wow a new perspective on the situation and she can kind of break down the dynamics from her point of view what she seemed for the first time in like give her you know perspective on situations that we haven't heard before and like that's the only interesting thing kind of the table conversation going and keeping the life of the party going because otherwise it's stories we've heard a thousand times and they don't have any like landon reminded. Sonia have been friends for so long. Done this for so long. They don't have anything to say to each other anymore. I think they're only hanging out to film at this point so that just makes it really hard. They're literally work. Friends like actors who need on saturday. They do their job and they go home right. Which is not the case. With beverly hills or with jersey or with a lot of other franchises. No i this one. I mean we haven't seen all the new seasons. It's it's very hard to say season to season but this one in particular. I didn't feel this last season at all. We never have that conversation when we were just doing. Atlanta never once in atlanta ever won seven in potomac. Never once said that. Even as much as i could not stan dallas. Those women were friends. Yes oh that's just my bone vic with that. I'm right there with you to be honest but okay. Let's just get into the meat of the episode which was the eventual kind of erupting of this disagreement. I with leah and ramona. And i really do think that. Yes leah was frustrated and would have been frustrated regardless because it can feel. I would imagine incredibly condescending when somebody is basically telling you that the way that you speak is not something that they're comfortable with whichever side you're on. I can understand how that comes across very condescending especially in the face of such intensive oxy but the one thing that i kept asking myself this episode is like and this is not a judgement thing. Genuine curiosity why was she here. You know. I just felt pain for her like i could tell that this was the last place she wanted to be. Her mind was not here. She was very hypersensitive and was going to be upset by anything. Anyone said so the last person you wanna be around when your family member is dying and your feeling such a great sense of loss. Invulnerability is ramona singer. So i just genuinely felt like come on back go back. You don't need this right now. Yeah well especially given how much she knows that. These specific group of women kind of annoy her. So if you're already in such a horrible state of mind then to put yourself in the line of fire like yeah. I don't know if she had to be there. But i can't imagine that they would force sorta go and she couldn't be there like you know it's like a life or death situation but i felt really bad for her and i almost felt like that sense of. She's in such a fog that she can't see out of and it was almost making the situation even worse for her yen. We'll go back to the fight in the second. I just wanted to say. I kind of touched on this before but it was really kind of remarkable the fact that these two things happened. Back-to-back i is leah sitting on the couch and she's clearly upset and we have ramona. Go over there and try our best to comfort her avenues right. Her heart was in the right place. Pretty much just do the last thing you want to do. In that situation when somebody's actively trying to stop crying. And then moments. After we wash ebony masterfully handle that with not only compassionate empathy and grace but also i really providing kind of that sense of stability and that sense of reassurance that leah seeks her grandmother and has going to miss and so to watch them back to back. I don't think it was a production. Mooks i think it naturally happened. Like that was so glaring. The difference in their emotional intelligence. Yeah you can't even like compare it. And also just their understanding of lia like both of those things combined. It was just night and day when leah loses on ramona. Knew that was going to happen. You know like we said she was kind of out of it. Ramona was asking for day kind of like going back and forth at each other. The whole thing was ridiculous but you know something. This was honestly sneed bowl to say. I don't know if you're gonna agree or disagree out of everybody there. I think the person who performed the worst this episode was fucking lou. An honest to god. I think van made ramona look good one thousand million percent because luanne didn't know when to stop and just kept like saying every possible wrong thing you could say and ramona who usually never steps away or never shuts her mouth like never stops talking or never really knows what to say kind of took a back seat and was just watching and it was seen. This episode was like scary. I don't even recognize her. You know what happened there. Aside from obviously the lack of awareness and understanding of the concepts they were talking about like data side. If you break this down a really fundamental level it was a shot her ego and she can't take it. I mean she is. I think objectively the most narcissistic one there. Even though i think she has made strides and so when she heard ebony or interpreted what ebony was saying that she was more educated. Which evans speaking factually and that is true. She can handle it. And i don't think she could have handled it if anyone at the table said it because god forbid somebody has something that one ups her i mean this is really like a deep deep level of narcissism. Yeah and i think she also had a whole complex about being at her house with her family and her boyfriend cupped it being her saying she's always the most well traveled. Speaks those languages so somebody else kind of coming in and calling it out in a way that made her feel defensive was like how dare you. It was so hard to watch. It was kind of like the old liu and it was the same luanne that was upset with bethany introducing her to the driver by her first name. It was the same land. That doesn't shut the fuck of a better cabaret. It was a really honestly uncomfortable moment to watch in the fact that she continually dug her grave when ebony was actually giving her the grace of explaining it and by the way ebony was spot on when she made the assessment. That leah just flipped out. Screams walks away removes. Herself from the situation comes. Ramona calls every single one at the table. A ho and nobody bats an eye and ebony raises her voice a little bit and all of a sudden she's called angry needs to calm down needs to lower her voice and ramona's a hearing problem and she was completely right the the level of hypocrisy and the lack of understanding. I mean. I can't imagine that somebody watched that didn't cringe. I just can't imagine it. No me either and also to just watch it happen almost like in slow motion and then here ebony break down after it was like you can just see how this happens all the time in every day and she was like look everyone. This is what we are about like. This is what it means. When i say this. Yeah i mean. I'm i wish. Obviously that never had to happen. Because i never ever want her to feel the way that she was speaking about how she felt in the pre for the next episode. That being said i would imagine. There's a part of her. That feels vindicated and having this recorded in that way because it is such a clear representation of exactly what needs to be more focused on. I mean this was clear Honestly is now. I could not believe that land didn't stop i. I literally couldn't believe it..

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