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Uh we'll get you and invite you you you yeah and that's what will hope to create that uh two indiana version of a southwest last year was the first years of the union 525 near downtown you're novels have a huge crowds uh uh united speakers and uh last year nearly fifteen hundred people attended the event and there's entertainment uh again of folks like this year david becker the founder of a first internet bank in a cereal entrepreneur here in towns uh and others and it's moved to the indianapolis motor speedway so odd very high profile uh event a venue for this year's of that and i think it's one more thing tony one more uh event one more uh item if you will in this uh see you soon nami of tech activity and interest and focus on innovation in indiana and ultimately i think it's a good thing it's it's it's one more piece of the innovation in the entrepreneurship puzzle a foreign the out of but in particular here in central indiana so it we'll be fun to watch this uh play out in the fall talking to inside indiana visits dot com on twitter ib and it's purdue and it's butler and i'm going to face southern the second rounds because you ever put together the aa brackets was uh pretty loaded that much is for sure but i it there's group after group this study after study that will tell you that when people get a chance to bat on college basketball they honestly forget how did you anything else they spend a lot of time uh on the brackets uh no question about that in fact i don't know how some of these organizations come up with these numbers but they do in last year uh i haven't seen the new numbers for this year but last year uh they were talking about a loss of productivity lots of uh productivity in the workplace pegged as much as two point one billion dollars from people silly out brackets and watching the tournament uh on tv or listening to it on the radio whatever the case might be two plus billion dollars what it so was the same people aren't working they're paying attention down racking walked down the gains instead so they they don't they don't make that.

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