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Election 2022 on WTO P, the two men who are campaigning to become the next governor of Maryland have scheduled their first debate, Democrat Wes Moore says the debate is set for October 12th, it'll be hosted by the Maryland public television station, Moore says he's looking forward to the opportunity to contrast his vision with that of Dan Cox, the Republican candidate saying the stakes of the election could not be more clear, Cox has not responded to comments or requests for comment. We're learning more about a shooting on D.C. two 95 Saturday afternoon involving an off duty FBI police officer. Here's WTO's Michelle bash. According to the police report, the off duty officer says another car collided with his along the highway in northeast, and when the other driver refused to stop the officer followed them, the driver in the other car used a handgun to fire shots several times at the officer's car, the officer fired back before the other driver who had three passengers in the car drove away the officer was not hurt but their car has damaged to the windshield and more D.C. police are still looking for the other driver involved. Michelle bash WTO news. There are new details about a deadly shooting on Tuesday in the high blue valley area of fairfax county. County police say that 21 year old damari Norris of Alexandria was found with gunshot wounds near the Mount Vernon square apartments. He later died at a hospital 22 year old Francisco Juarez also from Alexandria has been charged in his death, whereas was held down by a good Samaritan until police arrived, two guns were recovered at the scene, whereas, is being held without bond, investigators are still working to determine what led to that shooting. The death of George Floyd in police custody two years ago sparked nationwide protests and police reform. But a veteran police chief says it's up to police to rebuild public trust. U.S. capitol police chief Tom manger has completed one year on the job, but after 15 years as chief in Montgomery county, he has a funny take on the county naming its public safety building in his honor. That was very pleased that I didn't have to die to get my name on the building. Major has more than four decades of policing experience. Police are better trained today than they ever been. He says police are more accountable today and police recruits more carefully chosen, yet public distrust remains. There's people that don't have confidence in the police. Major says restoring trust is in the hands of police, telling last week's capitol police recruit class as a sworn law enforcement officer, your integrity means everything. Particularly on WTO news. Still to come here on WTO PY some metro riders will be trading their train for a boat soon. It's 5 O 7

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