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Sport Dan Schwartzman is looking at Real Madrid and Chelsea Well it could be missing some key players Deno Yeah Brian this is really interesting But both those clubs couldn't miss unvaccinated players for their Champions League round of 1608 matches in France after the country implemented strict new COVID guidelines including that everyone entering a public setting such as a sports arena must be vaccinated or have recovered recently from a bout of COVID You wait for says they are in discussions whether exemptions would potentially be allowed Liverpool advances to the final the care about cup at two nil second leg win of arsenal at Emirates Diogo Jota scoring a brace to win two nil aggregate The reds will next face Chelsea in the final That'll be February 27th at Wembley In Spain Real Madrid coming back from a goal deficit next time to beat LJ two to one to move on to the quarterfinals to the Copa del Rey while Barcelona is knocked out the tournament three to two extra time as Athletic Bilbao will advance to the quarters in illegal advancing to the quarters of the Copa Italia with a three to one win over leche At the Australian open two sea Daniel Medvedev meeting four sets of advance the third round over Nick Kyrgyz while 11 city dionys sitter does move on and trade sets coming up later 7 seat of Matteo bariti isn't action against 31st seed Carlos alcaraz In the women's draw 17 seat Emma raro Khan who beat in three sets by danka Coke COVID niche while 14 seats Simona Halep advances in trade sets Tonight four sea Barbara krug jacoba 15 Maria sakari and 8 C Powell badosa play third round matches Major League Baseball has said no to the Tampa Bay Rays plan to split its season between Tampa and Montreal Canada The team at shrank near the bottom and home attendance every year despite being a winning franchise had been having discussions to split.

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