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But Wasn't my cup of tea now. Here's my thought. My question is this team two team. I feel like your team would win Ab- not if I'M NOT GONNA. I'M NOT GONNA deny that that I think you've got some some hitters. That are kind of unfair like all right first of all. Actually I think we're designed in an interesting way because you've got by Shea whose definitely GONNA sentence getting beat up. He's getting beat up. But I got Michael Lower for real offensive tackle to like wrap him up a lead. He's got he's got Becky icebox O'Shea too though this country treat he's gotta he's gotTa be watching everywhere. I mean he could duke like a quick little routes to Cheeseburger Eddie who's just GonNa like intimidate his way down the field. So there's that were the strength in my team is going to be on. Its special teams. Oh me too you score and school right back. 'cause forest is like yeah I'm just GONNA keep taking it to the house. My offense never needs to come out on the field realistically. Yeah I have a very defensive game Game going there to it'll be interesting. Yeah you folks let us know who you think would win this sir. Sugar Bowl sugar bowl. This can't be professional these. There's a bunch of misfits misfits. This has to be a college game all right. Let's let's wrap this one up. Put a cap say put a cap on it. Put a penny thanks. Everybody for checking us out rate review and subscribe. Subscribe all that. Remember twenty-second. We're going to be at this billion river brewing Wednesday night. If you're listening to this day it was released Winston I. We'll be there. Eight o'clock start time and facebook page you can check that out too with more information and and And we will be back Well we won't be back but you will get to hear the live show Next Monday so hopefully you guys enjoy joy it. What are you What do you got to wrap it up with this evening? Oh ended with this. Everybody remember that our athletes Celebrities and may maybe people in positions of influence but we don't have to emulate them necessarily Sara Lee. Don't be dumb. Don't do the things that bad athletes do copy. The good started charity or donate to charity. If you don't have the time to start one that's all I just Just we've got a lot of athletes that people really really look up to listen to. I'm just like why they play a game really really really really well. That doesn't make them particularly astute in the you know the arenas of politics in global interactions chill on the other side. Don't give too much for saying stuff like you say I know each and every one of you has said something dumb about politics or religion or something in your lifetime. You just never had a camera in your face. Twenty four seven seven chill leave alone this all right. Thanks everybody for tuning in and we will talk to you next time do sous. Thanks for tuning in to this episode of the perfect package. PODCAST or do you have an idea for a future. What's your topic? Shoot us a message via twitter facebook or even instagram we our p three show across all platforms are visit our website at p three show dot com remember to subscribe to the show and spread the with the perfect five star review. Otherwise we may start to think. You're a hater. Thanks for listening and in tune in next time for a brand new episode of the perfect package. podcast pate slackers. I'm Matt and I'm Jesse. Host American side the show that keeps you updated on all the weird news around the globe low with what's going on in the world xbox music and movie suggestions and find Interactive Games. Every other week we bring on interesting guests from all walks of life breath from filmmakers to funeral directors to small business owners. And even Jeff Goldblum. What's no we never got Goldblum man? Oh Man Bank injury canty very good soccer. podcast new episodes everyone say available on spotify itunes and all of your smart devices or anywhere else. You know you might happen to comprom- podcast downloading threes. Not Buying an eighth. I'm shutting the Schick down. That's it there you go..

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