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For a twin price for a savings of up to $500. Plus, get a free adjustable base with the purchase of 6 99 David struck Feli No w Busy traffic on the three. Alright, Thanks, Dave. Now it's time for the four day W B z ack you weather forecast. Let's go back to meteorologist Dean DeVore. All good news today, Dean. That's how I like it. Yeah, Today is it really is I mean, this is right in the wheelhouse of good stuff. The humidity is not so Oppressive temperatures air seasonably warm, actually, a little cooler than average. I think we'll stay in the load of its seventies of the beaches, upper seventies too near 80. As you go from downtown into some of the Western suburbs here today, I'm looking at what should be the normal high here on this day. Aziz. My computer's a little slow like me. Yeah, we should be getting up to about 81 82. So we'll lag a little bit behind that today. Now those temperatures will be back closer to normal tomorrow. Humidities back up shower thunderstorm chances are up to and then we're looking at temperatures to get up to Ojai. Near 90 and Lynn spots on Thursday near 80th the beaches then we've got showers. Thunderstorms on the way. I am really concerned about this situation Friday into Saturday, not so much from problems from the amount of rain but just just tell the end of the week. The weekend could start out here with this rain and thunderstorm activity Friday night to Saturday. Based on this Lo that's coming up along the coast will keep you up today Don't know that and Maura's We get closer to the weekend WGC Boston's NewsRadio. We will. Indeed, Dean. Thank you very much Right now. I'm seeing 76 degrees in Fitchburg Worth 70 foreign Bridgewater, north of town in southern New Hampshire. Sing 76 in Hampstead. Right now in Boston at 10 55. It's partly cloudy and worth 72 degrees. On the Ring Central News line in the Merrimack Valley. A woman from Lowell found herself in the right place at the right time. But she was able to use empathy and kindness to help save a life. W. B. C. TV's Luisa Mueller has.

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