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Lead people in the food sector that's your homework assignment that's what i want you to do start to list out all the different places because you know your role you know what the role is to spend any time on that you're urine leading leadership that could take several different paths but ultimately you're in a leadership role in the food sector and you want to grow a business so it has to be can be just leadership it's gotta be leading people and leading a business like you're you're interested in pnl's and cutting costs and efficiencies you wanna have your hand in the business practice you love that so man that's that's pretty easy to find identify him started dente fine how do i get there if i want this company i wanna get to this point what's the best path to get me there that's all you've got to do and you're already on that path really excited about you sharp young man that's what it's all about right there eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven the phone lines are going crazy i love this people wanna get on and let me just say this if you don't get on a given day keep calling email asking ken coleman show dot com madison my socio producer should get you scheduled on we're on every day so i want you to stay incurs because folks this is important stuff lot of momentum happening every day in your incursion by calling in and sharing your store your encouraging other so with that little note stay patient and keep trying to get through we're gonna go next to rob who's in los angeles california rob you're on the ken coleman show.

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