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Like to suddenly start to appear in this astral space, right? And he's watching this thing, and he's horrified. Because he says, as this form of thick black smoke kind of appears, it's swaying back and forth like a cobra, like moving and kind of looking, and as he's watching this thing, he says this pain, the searing pain is cursing through his calf muscle as is in this state and he's totally paralyzed as this thing happens. And at the same time, he starts feeling this sucking sensation where the cramp is. It's like something is starting to pull. And all of a sudden that black thing latches onto his leg. Like latches onto his leg, he's like, ha ha. Get it off. Finally, as he's like, ah, the astral state trying to get rid of this thing. He kicks it off, and he kind of returns back to his waking asleep state and what I mean by that is he snaps out of it and wakes up and then rolls off the bed, right? So it seems like he's had basically a bad dream. Like you could just go look the guys had a cramp, but he somehow visualized it as being this weird black reptilian smoke that's appeared. Okay. In the morning, he wakes up to find this bite and this large red puffy swirling area on his left leg where he was seemingly bitten by the smoke. Weird stuff, right? And this is something similar to parasites in other dimensions. Yeah, it's like these energy parasites. And this is something probably one stuck to you right now as you're listening. Look, this is what rosemary Allen garley described. And it's not just once off either some people can have ongoing lifetime interactions with these things and it ends up destroying your consciousness. Like it absolutely rips you apart because this young boy that was 6 years old claims they woke up in the middle of the night, obviously he's reporting this when he's much older..

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