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KOA NewsRadio time is eleven oh to the apparent suicide of a death row inmate in Nevada amid a continuing legal fight over execution drugs delaying executions twice convicted murderer sky does ears execution have been postponed twice even though he said two years ago that he wanted to die and apparently tried to kill himself in recent months department of corrections spokeswoman broke Santana in an interview with ABC News Radio confirming does yours death said he apparently hung himself Saturday was pronounced dead at the scene. We had responding staff that made immediate notification to medical staff, and they attempted to provide emergency medical care to the inmate drug companies have filed lawsuits over their products meant to save lives being used for executions in Nevada and elsewhere. The Broncos could have a head new head coach by early next week. Our next update midnight tamra banks KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one. FM? Right onto the poodle Bullimore. It's going to be a slow and do the road work taking place between I seventy and tower road after that, it's a decent drive on. I seventy got nothing slowing you down for the moment on sixty Lakewood C, four seventy four seventy speeds normal. You'll make time on thirty six between here in boulder. I twenty five through the tech center. You've got nothing interfering with the drive I two twenty five hundred shape along with I seventy and I seventy six CBS four weather. You can expect to be partly sunny today with a high of fifty five tonight slows down to about twenty eighth sunshine returns tomorrow. A high of fifty three is expected tomorrow night's lowest going to be around twenty four currently it's partly cloudy and forty I'm Gary Aldo on KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station for what it's worth, I'm Cheri Preston. Shouldn't the award of a Rhodes scholarship make feel like you've really achieved. Something monumental Jen park thought. So it is a moment for me to.

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