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Right here on coast to coast AM with Mike Dorsey and Scott Michaels. don't forget to watch your TV show beyond belief with George nori just logon to beyond belief dot com. Hey it's me Harley owner window nation you know it's important to us that our customers are comfortable with your purchase and my brother Eren agrees right Aaron definitely we want to win this be a perfect fit for your home and your wallet a perfect fit like these cool jeans and wearing those little smoked in the waist funny Aaron we know nation winners have a perfect fit because our custom built for precision accuracy in a tight seal in of the hundred and fifty thousand windows winstar last year ninety nine point five percent required no follow up service okay so we're ninety nine point five percent perfect that's a lot more perfect in those jeans fit you give it a rest Aaron right now we know nation invite to windows get two free with zero percent interest for eighteen months bye for windows get for free by six windows get six free always zero percent interest for eighteen months you won't find a better deal anywhere else call now or visit window nation dot com. for your free estimate. people think Frostburg state university is a small sleepy institution and that's anything but the truth it's a vibrant community is growing what else you don't know about Frostburg state university is how wonderful the students are great opportunities to get involved to do things that matter and they do just that students get to apply their learning outside the classroom from day one prospered state university one university a world of experiences..

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