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This'd is this Saturday morning Update on W m A l We are at 7 36, and we're joined by Lieutenant Colonel Tony Schaper. He is the president of the London Center for Policy Research and Is also the author of Operation Dark Heart, Tony. Good Morning. Hey, Good morning, Rick. Great to be on. Thanks for having me. Alright, good to have you with us now. During the holiday week we dispatched B 52 bombers over Iran and Iran responded by saying it was a pretext for war. And then there was some disturbing news this morning. That's being associate ID being reported by The Associated Press about some developments with the Iranian Nuclear program. And if you could run down what we're hearing this morning and what it means, so the Iranians have essential leaked a memo saying they're going to the continue to expect end and they're making her program to include raising the enrichment levels. 20%, which is not quite weapons grade, but getting much closer. Let's talk about doing in a place called proto, which is also by chance of character in the Star Wars universe, which is bizarre, But it is also the name of the town. The facility where they're doing this in Iran, and what we know based on their own admission is that they feel that this is broken a big finger on the trigger. This is their bellicose language, not ours. Talking about how they feel obligated to cook will continue develop their nuclear program and direction of essentially creating use these enrichments for purposes of weaponization. So it's Zumba that President Trump has talked about the Iranians want to do. And I think that's reason. Last week we saw the uptick in military action, the show of force. We did to make sure that they understood that there's things like this, that the United States air going to be very reluctant to accept and then anything else they may do regarding terrorist actions or the provocative actions within the region. So that's That's kind of a situation is visit at this moment. And we're just about on the one year anniversary of the death of General Sulamani when we took him out last year. Typically, we were concerned about retaliatory actions they terrorists seemed to Take anniversaries and kind of work with anniversaries. We concerned about any possible initiation from Iran on that. Absolutely. I think that's another reason for the show of force, You know, B 50 two's in the region and other things that we've done to raise our military posture there and after right after the event after the ceremony attack while he was in Iraq, not in Iran, Iran during the attack, that's where anyone is supposed to be there. There was concern right after that there would be a service of attacks and terror incidents from by the Iranians it has not did not happen with that said there's always a dip possibility. They may be planning something now. So at this point, I think the United States posture allied as much higher than normal in the region, anticipation of them attempting something. And what would you tell somebody on the Biden transition team on the national Security side? What would you warn them right now about Iran? Well, it's clear that the Iranians have very isn't very clear goal of establishing a nuclear weapons program. One that I would argue they've never stepped away from even when they signed on to the quote unquote Iran Nuclear deal, Esso. I think the Vibe administration would do well to continue the president Trump effort to seek Bilateral agreements with the Iranians. Having I'm sorry with the Israelis and our Arab allies and make sure that the Iranians air continued to be observed readily for purposes of Nuclear program, and I'll say this is going to get me in trouble. But I think we shouldn't continue to encourage that. The true democracy movement, the green movement within Iran, I would argue record a democracy run by Persian people aversion people would be a lot less act apt to be a question to to Redl competitors. You're working on something at the London center that I think very important, and people may not kind of realize what's going on here. You're working on avatars and avatar means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and primarily the film. But what does it mean for us and what you're working on? So Yeah, Ambassador and Cooper, one of our board members on your fellow just working with us on a number of issues relating to technology. Now you may think this is a bit weird, but we're looking at bulk power at look. Electromagnetic pulse and how our entire society right now is linked to the Internet. Everything is digitized. And when you look at digitization one step further. You start looking at the fact that he bei Amazon. All these large corporations collect huge amounts of data on every individual and they use this Rick for purposes of Creating essentially a virtual you would have it. Or if you will, that they maintain. They use that avatar to get you to, you know, to buy things If you're talking about lyric, Haven's caverns, your technology over here is the next thing. You know you're getting ads for literary caverns on your phone. People do this all the time. But what we don't understand is what Data, what they what they actually have and what they use with that used for that beyond simply trying to market to you. And this is what we're concerned about. The Europeans have much better laws regarding the requirement of disclosure of information they have these big corporations have on you and are concerned. Very simple is this If the company's air creating copies of you virtual copies. Why don't you know why don't we have access to whatever that Davis and there's a lot of this gets buried in those user agreements. We all sign inadvertently when we signed up to things, but the problem is, if we still don't know we don't know what could be done. By a foreign adversary or a month domestic adversary If they want to use these avatars to not market to you, but manipulation to use psychological operations standard psychological operations on you. This is something we're gonna be looking at as of London center this coming here, So we have like HIPPA laws to protect medical information, And that's that's a different element. But at the same time there are privacy laws. Out there. What would it take? And A T. This point is, is the barn door really open? And would it matter at this point, even if they did crack down? Well, I think it's more about what they have and how they use it again..

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