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The two shore is actually both kennedy's i was young i remember i don't remember john kennedy put i remember when robert kennedy was assassinated incoming hall in my mother was crying and i didn't really understand why i was pretty young man but uh so i think both the kennedys and um of course princess diana i don't know they don't get much bigger than that either you'll bobby darren slept on kennedy's grave the night he was laid to rest as how as a devoted he was 2 bobby kennedy and yo the other one john jr john jr ios in other words it took a lotta people because he was america's son he was like adopted weight when kennedy went the little the picture of a little johnjohn salute the horsedrawn carriage he became adopted and when he died dachas shook the world yeah yeah yeah yeah bob thanks for the golden eagles you wanna would point five a wedding there due to a three one on one point five you know we lose so many people that means so much to us and the you know on the night before we are remember john lennon i'm saying who the people the celebrities the famous people you know the pro a personal families you know our wish acres in our friends uh but and of course you know those that four for us but who were the the celebrity deaths that shook you one eight hundred two eight three one on.

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