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Against the Thomas Keller restaurant group to celebrity chef was cleared of wrongdoing in a June trial a nap a judge agreed with Vanessa spot Allen's arguments there was not enough evidence to justify the verdict she says there was misconduct by the jury and defense counsel got a little worked up for say New York for five years before requesting a transfer to Keller's napa valley restaurant the French laundry she claims she was let go after telling her boss is pregnant. the maker of oxycontin reaches a tentative opioid crisis settlement Purdue pharma has reached a tentative agreement with some plaintiffs to resolve widespread litigation over its alleged role in fueling the U. S. opioid crisis the company plans to fight state's opposing it settlement offer a bankruptcy proceeding starting as soon as next week we lawyers representing more than two thousand cities counties and other plaintiffs suing Purdue along with about two dozen states say they are on board with the offer from the company and its controlling Sackler family to settle lawsuits in a deal valued at up to twelve billion dollars more than a dozen other states remain opposed I'm committed to the deal setting the stage for a legal battle over produce efforts to contain the litigation in bankruptcy court I'm Joe Ramsey and the Santa Cruz city council approved adding a curfew on main the beach which is intended to limit homeless camping on the beach where more than a dozen tents have been set up in recent weeks the vote implement a main a beach public access policy that would allow twenty four seven access to wet sand and water but would not allow any loitering sleeping or camping on dry sand between the hours of midnight and one hour before sunrise there's been a growing homeless in Camden on main beach next to the San Lorenzo river lagoon and this is resulted in a rise in alcohol and drug use litter and human waste the new policy.

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