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The about this guy who's trying to claim that he fixed hackenberg from the off season is what's his name george whitfield no no we haven't heard from with bill so he might be on america's most that'd be the real dv i mean whitfield we haven't heard from whitfield and forever here's saved anybody in broom yeah i mean i don't know but this now there's another guy claiming at the combine that he fixed hackenberg so like how could you fix hackenberg hasn't played a game since the end of the season like where is he fixing them for madden seventeen maybe that'd be nice i asked read i mean there's some believe then you know it's makes you crazy people were actually right people believe it you hackenberg got fixed i think that people believe in hackenberg so much because of that freshman year penn state and he's never gonna live back up to that hype for whatever it was it was almost like you became johnny football people remember some pastime of how great hit kris nakamura was at this one time at penn state and they still want him to come back to that so everyone still buys back into the story but i don't think it's gonna work out yeah i don't think so anyway like hackenberg okay so they are the jets he's there if the jets give him any reps there going to be making their take he's a progress stopper and this is what you really have to get away from you can't have guys that get in the way of guys development you've given hackenberg time to develop that's enough right it's time for him to go somewhere else to try to get he can't take reps away good reps quality reps away from players that you're trying to develop or else progress get stopped we'll talk about cleveland and so we get rid of kaiser kinds out so so kaiser so so he he's now on a new home right with the packers which i think is the best thing for cars or so so i mean look i i've talked to a lot of people in the league about him and this kid was really really conflicted i mean shoe was killing this kid all hugh is the greatest.

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