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A bit more where did you work, and what was your experience there? My my first working experience when I left the London college fashion was on on the industry bible Drapers record. I stayed there for about eighteen months. I had a very brief so to freelance period, then in my life where I did the Daily Mirror woman's journal, which I'd be no longer exists anymore and a very brief stint on miss London magazine, which used to be given away at the stations. I was then head hunted onto the Daily Mail, and I actually spent fourteen years there, an twenty six I became their fashion editor, and I stayed for another decade are than decided to take a very different path, and I wanted to be free, Lance. So I I had to contract working on Tatler magazine, which was a huge change enroll the wonderful, very different from the immediacy of newspapers. But I think people think that you have all the time in the world magazines to put them together. Actually, you don't you spend weeks and weeks and weeks trying to get hold of a celebrity to photograph. And you actually work on collecting information about a feature that you'll do. So I did that. And I also had. A contract with Acadia as an adviser to them for about six or seven years, which was fascinating. And then I've been freelance ever since mazing wouldn't what an experience what about you? My first job was at British vogue. And I worked there for two or three is firstly for the executive fashion editor of whom I was absolutely in all day. I started someone straight into the office, and she fix them with the Gimblett stare and said dotting, I love that song her jacket and I- quake in my Jan thought how on earth can she identify salary jacket without having looked at the label. Anyway, after you know, if you weeks months, I was got up to speed, and I see what the characteristics of the wide Lebel and everything and then is incredibly fortunate to be working for the late editor in chief Elizabeth Tilberis the time that she was approached to go to New York. Unreal. Chopper's bazaar, which is the oldest fashion magazine in the world. And that was the beginning of the nineteen ninety s and so I had the opportunity to go to new what with her and that was super exciting because we had more or less a clean slate. And we forged associations with incredible photographers. Peter Lindbergh patch Masha llah, and that was a very exciting period and on my return to London fees later, I to what. And then went back to British vogue where I spent quite a long time as executive editor. And then off the birth of my daughter, I took a step back, and I've been doing very freelance project since then gale Ralph and Anna cry talking to finance and Vogel central's hills and voca central's lingerie are out now published by Coronado Tebus. And that's it for this week's show. My thanks, of course to produce. If no no shake. Oh. And editors Kenya. Scarlet Sarah miles and Nora who come in so queries. Suggestions are. Welcome jumping out to finance on f p at Monaco dot com. And I've got to join us at the same time next week before we go a little song for you. Mulkey mo- remember him. The current Mark Wahlberg was only cover of interview magazine way back in nineteen Ninety-two peak Calvin Klein time, if you're a member here he is with his band Machi mock the funky bunch. This is good vibrations. Thanks for listening. Swearing.

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