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We got the Monday night game. We had Thursday night game stats. Take me through the games to come this Sunday in the NFL. Let's start titans chargers from Wembley stadium in London. Mike the titans have not scored a touchdown in their last six quarters. Well, and the chargers at four and two and their only losses have come to the Rams and the chiefs, but. Know, there's talk about the chargers not really resonating in L A the way they need to how about a six thirty AM Pacific kickoff. How about not that? If you want the chargers to develop a fan base. They're going to have the insomniac demographic covered in LA coming up this weekend. But yeah, I think the chargers are finding their groove. They beat the Browns. Like no team has beaten the Browns all year. It's the first game that was just an ugly one for the Browns. I think the chargers very good. And we're finding out the tight and still have some work to do patriots bears in Chicago New England Mike actually looking for their first road win of the year. Khalil Mack banged up a little bit which is going to help Tom Brady have some more time. And we're seeing the Julian element connection improve rob gronkowski with the big catch last week. Josh Gordon, getting more comfortable the more time he has in the offense. In between Sony, Michelle and James white. This offense is getting very good. And and even though it's it's not home game for the patriots. Where I think it would be much easier to have faith in them. I think they can take this show on the road the way it's improved the last few weeks. You know, the bears probably still kicking themselves after not beating the dolphins. And that I always watch stats the extra time that you play in overtime deep into overtime. The bears went in that loss to the dolphins. I think there may be some residual effects a week later, and it makes it even more likely to patriots go in there and win Texans and Jags Mike this could be a defensive struggle. There's going to be eleven combined pro bowlers on the field on defense in this game yet the Texans have won three in a row after losing three in a row. But that was a sluggish uninspiring win over the Buffalo Bills who are among the worst teams in football. This is the chance for the Jaguars rediscover the gas pedal. I think what happened to them after they beat the patriots. They wanted to fast forward to the postseason and beat them again. Well. You have to still play fourteen games. And you have to win enough that you make it to the postseason. And I think that that's been the challenge for a young Jaguars team to stay focused on what they need to do weaken in week out. I think they've gotten their scare now they've gotten no wakeup call. I think this one could get every bit as ugly as last week's game was in a bad way for the Jaguars. I think the Jaguars could thump the Texans and reestablish themselves. As a force to be reckoned with in the AFC. Let's go to a game. We talked about a little bit earlier with our Mondo Salgueiro. The Miami Herald lions at dolphins. Are we gonna see Brock Tober continue Mike or will Miami hit Brock bottom? You know? I saw you write that in there in the sheep, the digital document that we share. And I thought is he really going to say Brock bottom. Really? It's one thing to put it down. Another thing to actually say you went Brock bottom. Yeah. Well, I think that that Miami is a long way from Brock bottom. Therefore in two they can lose this game and still be viable right now. They've got the Texans coming up on a short week. And I'm fascinated by the prospect of Brock Osweiler getting a chance to play the Texans because it was not a happy year for Brock Osweiler. He and Bill O'Brien got into it. A couple of times verbally in one time physically reportedly allegedly or otherwise. And you know, that story line is going to resurface is that game approaches if as it appears OSs while will be the starter. I think that he knows that offense well enough and Adam gates was praising him this week where a lot of times. Osweiler knows what the next play is going to be before gays even calls it. That's how well he knows the offense. That's how well he understands the rhythm and the flow and the and the design of how it works. So I got faith in them. And also we're going to test two of the Chris Simms theories. And if the lions win this game he's going to hear about it from me on Monday because he's a firm believer. That teams coming off a bye weeks may not be as focused as they should be. And he says when it's a road game in Miami. It ends up feeling like. Vacation and you end up being not as focused and not as motivated and not as effective as you could be. So I've picked the dolphins in this one for that reason. So if the lions do win, yes, I will be leading Chris here at over over again when we do the show on Monday as if you needed an excuse Vikings jets, Mike in New York, it's kind of being sold as a chance for the jets to stick at the Kirk cousins after he didn't sign with them in free agency. Are you buying that see I'm reluctant to address this topic? Because that's what we were talking about when we had our, you know, the show went off the air yesterday. At least my part of it did because everything died here in my studio. But I think that that's just a media created narrative. I think the moment that Kirk cousins side with the Vikings. Everybody knew the Vikings. We're going to be playing at the jets. We didn't know win at that point. But that became uneasy and lazy talking point in advance of the game. Because it's been trumped by the fact that the jets have their quarterback, they got Sam darnold, and I think a jets fan would say. I'd rather have Sam darnold then Kirk cousins, especially because for the next three or four years. We don't have to give twenty eight twenty nine million dollars to the quarterback. He's on a rookie contract. That's money. We can spend on other players were better off this way. And if he ends up being a great quarterback, we're gonna have him for ten or fifteen years. So I think jets fans should be happy that they didn't get Kirk cousins that they were able to get Sam darnold and that they can go forward with the hope that he becomes the franchise quarterback. They haven't had since Joe Nemeth. Speaking of franchise quarterback. Carson wentz. Mike is back with acting up a little this week. But he's been good. So far this year. Eight touchdowns. Only one interception as the eagles host the Panthers. Still concerned about him being limited in practice on Wednesday six days removed from his most recent game. And I'm still concerned. And I do that weekly spot on WIP. And it's a talking point every week. The I think the eagles fans, and I would be this way too. So I don't fault anyone, but you want to plug your fingers in your ears and say, LA, LA, LA not. Listening anytime. The topic of a Carson Wentz injury comes up because in your heart. You know, that it's likely to happen again because he has an adjusted his playing style in any way, shape or form, and that risk of injury is going to continue to exist. And you just have to be concerned about it. But at the same time you have to enjoy the fact that when Carson Wentz his playing with that reckless abandon he's among the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Bills and colts, Derek Anderson. Getting the start for the bills Mike two weeks ago. He wasn't even in football. And Colin Kaepernick still has to wonder what it what it is going to take. And I think at that point. I think when Derek Anderson is back in the game. He's been gone so long you lost all his hair. Right. I mean, the last time we saw Derek Anderson. I'm just saying the last time we saw him he had hair. That's how long it's been since. He's been in the game. So Derek Anderson is back and between him and Nathan Peterman. Look the lesser of two evils, right? And the bills if the I made this point earlier in the week if the cult's lose this game to Derek Anderson and company with Nathan Peterman is the backup. They should just disband. The franchise. That's it. We tried our best. They should they should be relegated to the foul. Because at one point the CFL tried to have a Baltimore Colts. And and the NFL said, well, no, no. You can't do that. The colts is still our intellectual property, you could just relegate the colts to the CFO and the NFL would get twenty five years later that thing they tried to get because if you can't beat the bills with Derek Anderson at quarterback yet. It's time to just it's time to just give up Browns and bucks in Tampa Baker Mayfield. Mike four touchdown seven turnovers so far this year. And also the bra, you know, every time the Browns industry, there's still one streak left twenty six straight road loss losses. The all time record is twenty nine. And even though the buccaneers loss to the falcons last week. I liked what I saw out of Jameis Winston. And and I think the buccaneers at home against the Browns team that has to recover from that ugly loss last week. It's going to be everything they can muster to make this game competitive. I think the buccaneers even though I don't think there are playoff team. I think they can stop there. Losing streak at three big game for the NFC east. Cowboys at Washington and win Dallas could be in first place in the division a loss. They go to third, and regardless of how this game turns out all of these teams other than the giants are still going to be alive in this one because they're packed so tightly together the eagles and Cowboys both at three and three in Washington to three and two. I like the Cowboys in this one I feel even better about it after having Serena Williams on the program early in the hour talk about how much confidence the Cowboys took out of their forty two seven thumping of the Jaguars. The offense is clicking. They're having Dak Prescott run the ball more. And I think they can go into Washington they'd done well against Washington in recent years. I think they can go in there. Get their first road win and break that string of lose win-lose win-lose win. It's due for a loss. Both teams are due for a loss based upon their back and forth each week. But I think the Cowboys get it. Although I'm a little I'm a little hesitant. Because every time I think Washington's going to lose at home. They win at home. But I. This is the time it changes. And I think the Cowboys get to four and three. And as I said earlier the Cowboys could be a dangerous postseason team because they have the defense. And I think of the ranch like last year they lost to the falcons in the wildcard round. I think the Rams are going to be a little nervous. You're going to be a little tight. They got some young players. They got a young coach. And I think when it comes down to executing that that fast paced high scoring offense. You get a defense like Dallas on the field, and they could maybe knock them off. And I think if the Cowboys win this one all of a sudden we need to start taking them seriously as a team that can get to the playoffs and do some damage when they arrive you mentioned Rams Rams at forty Niners seemingly a mismatch. If you look at the records, Mike, but when they played early last year the game was competitive. Do you think we'll get that this year? Oh, it was great. It was one of the it was a I remember late in that game standing up. Right. It's very rare that you get the stand up out of me while watching an NFL game. I was so excited about what was happening. I had to stand up and watch how it all played out. It was a great game. Remember there was a very questionable offensive pass interference call in that game. Yes. Brian Hoyer was the quarterback. And it looked like he was going to get yanked off of the field early on you had to pick six early that was a memorable game. They had the didn't. They not have the All Blacks for that. Did was all black. They they got rid of the All Blacks, though, are you happy. They got rid of the All Blacks throwback this week all white the ninety four jerseys that they were in the Super Bowl year. You know, I I of like this game. And I think the forty Niners. I was very proud of what they did on sun on Monday night in Green Bay. And I don't know. Maybe maybe the Rams at six and on me with each passing win you feel like they're getting closer and closer to that first loss, and there's no team like a team in your division that isn't going to be intimidated by you, and you're going to have that extra motivation to knock you off..

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