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That ray bradbury perceive the world through these spices and smells and taste in a way that has no correlation to his rain because he never route a novel about a chef or anything like that i think they who is a rape breath i'm rip trend remember another is a ray brad pre short story about a grandmother who makes his amazing cook king and when they tidy up her kitchen which is a total mess she completely loses her cooking talent and it's a short story about the perils of tidying up i think i remember that one but it is such a it's just a short stories not a novel so the short stories we're not have been included and then one thing alpine are the caviar is to sort out any word that was very plot dependent the rule for cinema words was that it had to be used and more than half the authors novels survey grabbed rewrote eleven novels that means you use that in at least six eleven novelist said he's aware that keep coming up in apponaug and i was curious to you just go through in authors favor words and kinda the intact these patterns each childhood memories deepseated associations chest to the word frequencies so so the cinnamon words that words that are being used unusually often by the rules had not words like and i guess the would replicant must be used to law team to androids dream of electric sheep by philip k dick but that's a technical term in that particular novel and so wooden carry across his whole over a so that sort of wouldwouldn't wouldn't be counted for us so you know obviously words like the anger or are not actually used by authors at extreme ratio because everyone uses than at a higher rate but cinnamon for example some authors may go there tag career light using words that center number ray bradbury is you're using a in almost every book a few times succumbing test me i want to try and guess a few his give me some cinnamon words i'll say if i can guess the office okay a started out here with that civility fancying.

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