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At bedtime with kate delaney in griggs devon wow what a guess we have now i'd love to get him on the court for a game of horse and i guarantee steben has no idea what a force horse zoo i just never get to h shocked by that jamal crawford from the clippers one time had a little game of horse with me he whipped to me into second it was pretty funny i think i think our next guest maurice mo evans would do the same thing i think many of you listening who are sports fans would recognize me evans most recently with the washington wizards and of course has quite a career as a retired american professional basketball player like i said most recently with the wizards sorry about that i thought the wizards were going to go the distance maybe and he also was a vp of the nba players association moe thanks so much for joy join us man into even concerning in a new we will it bit shooters replete with in again turkey lake in a row ho ho in the heat issue lol yeah no kidding and like i said for people who don't know jamal crawford you think even just a couple of years ago sixman award he deserved that i mean he has what they call no right is he can just i think he can see all over the place on that floor number two two klay literally jio during the go printed any any good in lagos in order to it and we wanted can anyone if any but easy after you know look the law we look team deservedly though with a winner that he made and you know man war the me greatly community yeah yeah exactly you played for a bunch of teams that just washington and atlanta orlando in the mix to the lakers obviously did you ever favorite coach of all the people that you played for dinner on coat poor conan bird tori with pena eu ban the lead per year the two years of played up no one porter vigo vigo the report now get along an idiot would eat code the part of that and will the great go live billy andrade definitely written turned on minute equally in washington it was great regression throughout his career legal maneuver in an opportunity to only before you're only bit coast better you know.

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