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Too soon baby. Those are the Dixie hummingbirds yet. One more time you need, CDs like this in your home. And in the office Dixie hummingbirds someday to end up I found that one while I was looking for another one, absolutely amazing. I'm looking down the list of tunes in now. I haven't heard that one hundred thousand years I've played it on the bunk conduction music show a million times that was years ago. They were an alternative bump music Friday. Oprah is doing that thing. I wanna talk about this. I wasn't really going to mention it. But I just saw the piece I posted on Facebook Oprah immediately. When she went down to talk trying to get this chick. Stacey Abrahams name is elected governor in Georgia. Immediately went to the lynching. What what was the other a piece what racism just a straight up a racism lynching? And as if slavery is if that's where we are in two thousand eighteen and this is disgusting. It's disgusting. It's become normalized now. Well, weaponized and normalized we don't Lynch people anymore in the south of the people that did were the Ku Klux Klan, which were the Democrats hundred percent. That's huge. There's no slavery. In fact, if you're gonna if your ass go out and get a job work your way up you'll you'll be doing just fine. You'd be doing just fine. In fact, one of the posts, I've stuck up was a piece out of the Wall Street Journal a guy talking about he started out as a security guard because making like twelve bucks an hour kept diligently work in advancing when he could and I guess a couple of years now, he's making twenty seven thirty an hour. And he's he's says he's looking to get some type of promotion and in a management management position with these as well. I mean, it's there you just have to get out of work for it. But you won't know that if you listen to the Debbie Stephanos of the world, if you listen to the Oprah Winfrey's of the world, they'll always paint the picture that you'll never have enough if you're black because the white people have everything I just saw another post and this ties into what Oprah's talking about somebody in Texas went around the neighborhood. Texas television station, and they stapled to to telephone poles. It's okay to be white. And this these these talking heads on the news were were were apoplectic. Who would do such a thing? Well, it is okay. To be white one and two when you have white people being vilified twenty four seven with the Bs an Oprah like contention that white privilege black people never get ahead because white people have everything why wouldn't somebody put something like that and nail it to a telephone pole? So we're in very strange times. And if you're listening to me and your black don't be so stupid as to be gained by these race hustler. Don't walk away walk away from it. Just walk away from it. Go the Republican voting lover and your life will change in that nobody's going to try and keep you down by giving you free stuff. If you vote for us. We'll give free stuff say the socialist democrat. That's of America. Don't do it. Walk away. You're on the edges alternative bump music Friday..

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