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Dr. Only thing up seven cliff for. That he had to cut his hair. I love the long hair. Tradition man, the red sounder. We saw little carrots. Here's a cool, dude. Man. He just like I don't like saying the word like swag like that's like middle school like Clint Frazier swag like that wise. Cool if you just soom like wearing like, whatever. 'cause I baseball players aren't like celebrities like football player NBA players were like they're constantly have cameras on the before. And after gaining walked what they're wearing guys tolerant. Clint frazier. I've noticed dude, they're always looking at rash. So I do I do mess with that. But yes, the Eli's like we're saying is looking kind of nuts right now Boston sweeps Tampa Bay and the Yanks Lee now is only two and a half games back without judge to judge. Now, it's yoga leak. Yoga leak it. Could it could other deal stint that's going to be a mystery? Right right now. And now says it's a boon right away was like he's gonna on the press conference are like is there any way he's not on I own like with this season. He's just put everyone. And now he's saying it's a pretty significant strain. So we can be seeing no judge bleak shrine. You can't you can't swim. And also about this. We're talking STAN was on a ten day. I l for his bicep it's been like to retrieve. They they completely like what thing for someone else? Get hurt. So your tension goes there. All right. Don't don't lose anything about Stanton. The guys like long twentieth. Armed Ben back way hanging off his body. And no one even seems to care about judges oblique. Two of mystery everything Severino Hicks potential is judged the everyone's a mystery Didi at least we knew what happy. Like. Then injured his thumb though. That was last year, you know, he didn't he needed surgery on his thumb it after the after the year Neely? Yes. And then all of a sudden now, he's got Tommy Johnson. I mean, like, I would not know that that's how. Remember the playoff game when he sled. Stump. Okay. And they still played them. But he said he's he needed surgery after the playoff run the most. It's just the Yankees. So. It's just it's like, it doesn't even matter. It's mystery because they're not anything the Yankees. They're still staying afloat. Like, we said, they're two and a half games back out of first place. And I was thinking because the Red Sox swept the race. The only time I'm okay with the Red Sox ever winning is if they have to be in last place more fourth gangs has been one or two and it team. They sweep is the the one they to dance dancer to the one only way. I'm okay with it. So the Red Sox thank you for that. And only combine reds taken down the poster of us. Ready to throw the. Big picture of Kim Jong Hoon picture. They're big self portrait. Then there's us three which is darts. My new favorite jokes our faith aids. But yeah. So I mean, what are we thinking about the Enke's? We are. We still feeling good Yelm that next man up mentality. I like that. I try to stay like like five hundred once again. Right. Ever. They come back. We don't we don't. We don't out dude. Like another Parma's thinking like maybe like if this ever happens again. And like we keep these podcasts and like I get in contact with the Yankees. Maybe they'll run out of guys in the be like all right, Andrew, man. Get a helmet. You're like crazy are the new guy. Mike Ford was like an undrafted for Princeton. Like, what are the odds that you find this Ford, if you're listening open, my yeah? Get you on the show Mike for I was watching. They were like, yeah. This guy had an offer to Stanford Duke. But he went to Princeton two way player Greek. I'm Mike creek four Mike Ford. Another store actually bring up come trying to get Matt lip gone the shows and that look good. If you're listening plays AAA for square scores Scranton Wilkes floor, and he actually met my friend at a bar the day, and they were like kinda hammered, and I'm not gonna say like some stuff. They're talking about predict get my friends sisters number and they were talking about the yard work on my friend said look after the damn that. He said that he kind of leads you get a bunch of annoying kids. They're like China like say stuff, and I was just like do look out for salmon of DM's. I yeah, it'd be looking for it hasn't opened it yet. So Matt liftoff, you're listening open of you. And we're gonna get. On the show. We're waiting for it. So yeah, now latte will what we have Lassie Rin down. I'm sure we'll talk about is the laser it the laser Luria. No. I mean. Yeah. You just gotta send like even if he threw it into the stands. Nobody's going to be right adman. You just gotta set that is Cory. What do you? What do we think? Guys, got a canon. Got to lash against the angels. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Who do you got a better arm him or cesspits and cesspits when he was back on the this? I'm gonna still go leery. I'm the guy I've never seen a ball that high before on TV. The home right for right? We're not even talking. I have so many things to say first off Laureano, what are you taking a free kitten actual cannon with a cannibal or as arm on probably taking his arm because actually don't know how far cannonballs go. But Secondly is this guy could have been on top lays just for the just for throw. If if he didn't even rival just bounce off the wall, and he wasn't through that ball three hundred something easy easily.

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