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The most interesting, most exciting likable thing about the film itself which is a good thing, so if that's something that you latch onto more than characters, I would say that you would probably like this movie better than I did So that's just a personal opinion as far as the characters go, but I do think that the movies. A little bit better than the characters are. The making itself talking the characters. The voice acting is excellent with any West Anderson Film. There is a huge slew of voice. Actors so in this one we got. George Clooney, Meryl Streep Jason Schwartzman Bill Murray Owen Wilson That's just the name of very select few. Wes Anderson himself even as in this movie, so the voice acting is obviously going to be. Great. The filmmaking and the directing actually played a part in that as well because a lot of the filming four, the voice acting was done outside of a studio on site whether it be in the environment that the are supposed to be in or a makeshift version of that environment, so a lot of it was kind of done. On the fly type thing where it's not as rehearsed in a studio, but it's more. In on par with live action, filmmaking, which I found very unique and very original and definitely. Shows in the voice acting a lot of the voice acting is also very dry on purpose. That's a lot of the comedy that was ended and likes to play into so I think that works very well. I would have wanted to hear a lot more from Meryl Streep Actually Having such a seasoned actress in the movie and she doesn't play nearly as larger role as I would have liked. She definitely has a very. A shining moment toward the middle end of the film, but I would have wanted to hear a lot more from her sooner. The script is fun. like I said I liked the script a little better than I like the characters in the script, so the the dialogue and the story beats as opposed to the actual characterizations of. Each character in particular. I thought the comedy works very well. It's laugh out loud funny. There is A. The. Any curse word that would be used in the film because it's a kids. Movie is replaced with the word costs which I find. Hilarious I think that is very clever. That was my favorite part of the movie. That's my shining. That's my standing moment from the movie. The use of cussing which I think is fun. Looking at animation as cinematography is something that is. Somewhat disputed it's hard to UH. You're not necessarily using a camera all the time, but in stop motion in particular you are using a camera a lot of the time, so I think the cinematography is gorgeous. There's a huge emphasis on lighting something that. Makes up. Seventy percent of shot. That's the thing that I learned in my cinematography class that it's. Not all camera, a most of it, in fact is about lighting and so wes. Anderson puts a huge emphasis on that particular. There are some very unique moments. Scenes with? Darker lighting and bright in color, brighter colors of vice versa. There's a scene with lightning an electrician. Very. Fascinating from a filmmaking standpoint. So the shots, obviously because of the lighting are beautiful. There's a scene by a waterfall which is probably one of the more famous scenes from the film which is breathtaking I. Honestly don't know. How they made it look so good. And so those are my. Thoughts on fantastic Mr..

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