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You are listening to the hellenistic. Pt podcast unconventional musings. A broken down into black socks conversations to create the container living and self reclamation. I your host ellen mental performance h and student to life. I am here to remind you that life is a journey of obstacles meant to be overcome. And i'm eager to share mine in here about your house for you. I'm the woman. I once needed and together. We will explore exactly what it takes to deconstruct reinvent who we are and what we know in order to feel on and become very best selves base. Is that moment my friend right here right now. Welcome before humans. Welcome back to another episode of the hilly. Cpt podcast today. I'm chatting about meditation. And whether you have experienced with meditation whether your brand new whether you've been contemplating it or you got absolutely no idea My intention for today's episode is just to bring a little bit of wisdom and inside around meditation and more specifically the points on the walls that we hit in meditation. That feel very frustrating. And i speak from experience and this is still something experience. I believe will probably experience for the rest of my life but when i'm sitting in meditation and breathing deeply in machining to my physical and emotional states. I'm you know. I'm breathing tapping into my desires and goals in the in the ways sense in see my future events that went to into my life. The emotions were to experience more of the energy that i want to feel in my cells and replicate and feel that expand the distance. I'm keeping myself from analytical mind in order to see things clearly like you know all of these really beautiful things that are also at the same time can be quite challenging. Because i tend to reach his point after a certain time. Meditating where my mind begins to feel. Be at my buddy. It becomes ladder and will busy more abrupt in more urgent more prussia and it takes on these different times of dot in frustration. And you begin to feel overwhelmed. Frustrated sought to question if my meditation is worthy of my time and begin doubting my practice at my doubt myself. If i'm doing orion and then the my reaction. My initial reaction is to want to pull away ryan. My initial reaction is to. This isn't working. Units isn't working. This is a waste of time. It's a waste of time. Try again another time away for a perfect time. A better opportunity will arise and onto sooner yada yada yet this point to right. And i'm shaw. Any of you listening in. Who meditating have experienced meditation before. Or maybe even void meditation for this exact reason You know you feel this sense in yourself. And what to expand on this but more importantly i also wanna share a little bit about meditation. A truly is so much more than just some sort of wu. Arner are now the saved meditation. I guess when. I think about people who are new to meditation or curious about meditation i. I often sent their resistance hesitation. Because when i first started meditation That was my experience right. So i always try and stick to what was kind of relative has been relatively me. This is one of the reasons why us i think so. Many of us in so many of his white and so many of us don't do it Not only because we were trying to create a perfect space for it. But we don't necessarily undestand the depth right we don't actually understand the science behind innovation and wyatt's and how much just why but how it is so beautiful and how it is so impactful and how you know scientifically can change the brainwaves in your brain and allow you to actually sheaf to a high state of being end. I heard this. I heard this today actually and was just it blew my mind go to a frequency that will take care of every one of those issues. You're having this is what meditation allows us to allow us to do right guard to a frequency that will take care of every one of those issues every single time. You're contemplating about how many distractions in your house. Whether this you got the perfect setup you know you might need to go buy meditation safe in. You're contemplating like how. Can i make this work. How how does this work in this. Be beneficial how. How right what. Meditation does the paradox. Is that once. You actually sit down. And he stopped breathing. Any stop a tuning out of your sympathetic nervous system in way from that final flat that pressure that urgency right you go to a frequency that takes care of how right because you now moving from stress right which is the nervous system responding to stimulus responding to urgency responding to perceived threats received danger. And then you moving to another frequency which is more your natural state a deep state of rest and suddenly all of a sudden your inner meditation. You're breathing deeply. You're cheating rat to your higher self. And the how has taken care of itself grant There's so many beautiful things i'd love to show meditation. Maybe ultimate the episode. That breaks down some of this. Please know that meditations filed bigger than having the perfect space. It's bigger than just sitting still and trying to you know it's not about trying to control your mind. It's not about stopping thoughts about Eoghan becoming less busy in the mind by in we often avoid meditation. Because there's a pot of that noise that's not true because that is actually true. It's not true that we can stop at thoughts. It's true that we you know that through meditation we can somehow all the sudden bi thinking right now in saying that there are highest states. We can take ourselves too where we bypass the analytical mind right totally possible however we have to move through these walls in these points of frustration in meditations..

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