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Air date may sixteenth two thousand thirteen on this episode. You're gonna hear Terry. And Steve talk about Terry's time and EC w how that titan. With Steve's tenure and extreme championship. Wrestling also talk about Terry being way world champion, and how that came to be, you know, how he was selected to go over Jack Brisco, and there is some ramifications of that as well as how being ended we will champion affected his life at home, also tears got some stories and reflections about Nick Foley, dusty Rhodes, RIC flair talking about his philosophy on wrestling promos, and they do reference a book Terry put on a book originally in two thousand and six called Terry funk more than just hard core. Leave it was released on paperback in two thousand twelve Steve guy a chance to get a handle on that. And they do reference a few times I've read the book, it is an excellent book definitely worth your time. They talk about the promos. There is a section in there. We're Terry describes his process just how some of his famous promos came to think about the time him Jerry Lawler wrestled in the empty arena. It's a pretty good read if you can get a chance to check that out. I would highly recommend doing that. So today. Steve Austin history today being January twenty second on a smackdown. Taping in two thousand and two in north Charleston. South Carolina Steve Austin pinned Booker T. And that's it for today and Steve Austin history. Join us again on Thursday, we'll have another piece of Steve Austin history to share with y'all looking forward to that. Thanks for listening, folks. Stick around coming up. We've got Steve Austin with the hardcore legend himself Terry funk on a classic episode of the Steve Austin show..

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