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Find out who has them and then they start taxing people every year that has a gun on one hundred dollars a year per gun per tax to pay for gun violence so what they wanna penalize lawabiding says is like you and i that will follow the law for the actions of a few criminals when when the goal woman the goal of course is to stop gun violence gun violence is down fifty percent and the last twenty or thirty years the criminal rate is way down we are winning this school shootings are less today in fewer day than they were twenty or thirty years ago but you never would learn this by watching the media whether it's emma gonzales or david hogg on the morning shows constantly giving interviews creating a fervor in a fear of something that is extremely rare once again a teenager is more likely to die choking on food in the lunchroom then shot and killed in school but the media access if the monsters are the door ready to attack and jesse lee the left knows these facts they don't make it public the media knows these facts they don't make it public because it doesn't fit their agenda david hawk you're right about that bill jay hawk is a train dot me he gets be us and speaking of laws laws were saw the problem there will be no killing in chicago chicago has some of the strictest gun laws that you ever want to have it yet the crime ray gone through the roof and the sad thing about it and i have family members who live in chicago the sad thing about it is that the good folks i'm not allowed to be armed and they don't have the the the local government they're the mayor and the police department at others they don't have the knowhow or desire to go after the karmanos so are taking the easy road criminal good folks who can't protect themselves and and if we don't stop this names you just ran a list other things that they're trying to do you know we don't stop these.

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