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Hello and thank you for joining the american revolution today. Episode one ninety three the dean hearings few weeks ago. I mentioned that silas deane returned to america with the french fleet that arrived in july seventeen. Seventy eight congress had recalled him sending a letter in december. Seventeen seventy seven to report on the affairs in europe. Dean had received this letter in march and then took a few weeks to wrap up his affairs and plan his return to philadelphia. By the time he returned dean had spent about two years in france. Congress had requested that he go there to serve as an advocate before the french court. In march seventeen seventy six. The inexperienced merchant from connecticut took up the task without knowing a word of french or even having any personal contacts in france despite these limitations teen had managed to make personal contact with key leaders at versailles and to begin a partnership with pierre bomar shea to begin sending arms and supplies back to america. He accomplished all this despite being on his own. In france for nearly a year. By the end of seventeen seventy six congress appointed benjamin franklin and arthur lee to work with dean in france together. The commissioners had not only sent shiploads of arms and supplies dozens of french officers but also managed to finalise tu treaties with france and bring their new ally into the war with britain. Deans mission had been a success and he returned. Home should have been in tribe that however was not the case. Almost since team's arrival in europe arthur lee waged a campaign to attack ins character and behavior in hopes of having dean recalled. Arthur lee had been living in london. When the war began he was a member of the powerful lee family of virginia and had two brothers. Sitting in the continental congress is legal. Practice in london had helped him to establish himself as a colonial agent before the war. Lee attempted to work with pierre. Bomar shea to get french military supplies to america. Once the war began but go marseille ended up for me a partnership with silas deane to further. Oh same ends. That seems to have been the origin of lease hostility toward dean. Lee began a covert letter writing campaign to powerful people in america including his two brothers in the continental congress asserting that team was defrauding congress by demanding payment for aid that the government of france intended to begin free of charge. This however was not the case. France did provide several generous loans to get the project started. However french officials expected the assistant program to become self-sustaining as america paid back those loans with the delivery of tobacco..

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